How the UK Meet organisers got their Spice Girls names

This is about how the UK Meet organisers got our Spice Girls names. I suppose it could easily have been characters from Friends, Sex & The City, or any number of other popular culture references, but somehow the Spice Girls pop reference seems to have outlasted the nineties and is still works now. Personally I’m more of a Girls Aloud man, but we’ll come back to that.

So how come Charlie, Jamie, Jo, Clare and Liam got their Spice Girls names?

Charlie Cochrane / Sporty Spice: Because I’m sports potty. And sportsmen potty. especially rugby. Can’t watch/listen to enough of the stuff.

JL Merrow / Posh Spice: well, I suppose I do have some claim to the title, as I studied at Cambridge University and yes, wore a gown to Formal Hall (basically college cafeteria food, but with posh togs, waitress service and Latin grace. The chick pea fritters, I recall, made excellent ammunition in food fights.) But really, I’m only Posh because Clare is very definitely Ginger, Liam is our Baby, the svelte Charlie has to be Sporty, and Jo is way Scarier than I am!

Liam Livings/ Baby Spice: When we were working out the unintentional Spice Girls names it seemed apt for me to be Baby Spice, since I was born in 1995, making me eighteen. *coughing* that is a massive lie I’m afraid, I’m a bit older than eighteen. At UK Meet 2012 the, very cute and in his twenties, barman asked me for ID when I bought a round of drinks. I asked him how old he thought I was, and he replied, ‘Twenty three.’ This made my year. Suffice it to say, I’m a bit older than twenty three, the exact number is a closely guarded secret.

Next time, we hear from Clare / Ginger Spice and Jo / Scary Spice about why they have their Spice names.

I wonder how it would have worked out if it was Girls Aloud names? *looks up the band on the internetz* I bagsi Kimberley. *singing* you can’t mistake my Biology…the way that we talk, the way that we walk…

Live Twitter Chats times confirmed

The Writing Family chat will happen on 10 January 16.30 – 17.30 GMT using #ukmeet14 with each tweet you send us

The Reading Family chat will happen on 15 January 16.30 – 17.30 GMT using #ukmeet14 with each tweet you send us

Any questions about the Twitter chats, let me know through the comments or by email otherwise I’ll see you all there.

Until next time,

Liam Livings xx

What Readers Want?

Hi everyone,

Are you all ready for Christmas? Have you taken delivery of all your presents from the internet yet? What, you actually go to the shops to buy things? How quaint!

Last week I ordered pretty much all of Christmas online. It did remind me of the Christmas episode of The Good Life, where Margo cancels the order as the tree isn’t tall enough, so the whole of Christmas is cancelled. Lucky I’ve not put all my internet eggs in one online basket, and have ordered from a number of different places. *taps side of nose* see, it’s all go at Livings Towers!

Has it snowed where you are yet? In southern parts of the UK, so far we’ve only had frost, no snow as yet. I’ll say this and tomorrow I’ll be under two feet of snow, I just know it.

Without any further mincing about, I wanted to draw your attention to the write up of a panel at UK Meet 2013.

What readers want?

At UK Meet 2013, we had a discussion panel focussing on the reader voice, looking at what readers want in terms of author behaviour, interaction with authors and – maybe most importantly – the books they read. Here’s what came out of the debate.

Authors online:
• There is nastiness in every genre. The het author world is possibly more ruthless; m/m authors are darlings in comparison.
• Half the readers in the room followed blogs and most of them liked blogs.
• Readers found it both fun and frustrating when authors shared their personal lives with readers.
• Some readers wanted blogs, etc, to be more “professional”, concerned with writing rather than oversharing personal stuff, to the extent that they’d avoid blogs which weren’t writing related.
• Other readers felt that blogs were the author’s space (“their house”) and authors could post what they liked. Readers were free to read or not as they chose.
• Blogs, etc helped build up an image of authors although that didn’t always match the reality.
• Readers didn’t want to see authors (or a claque of people taking an author’s part) slagging off reviewers.
• Readers would stop buying an author’s books if he/she was offensive, eg name calling, going onto readers’ threads and making rude comments, being too defensive. They’d vote with their wallets!
• Instances of bad behaviour included outing the real name of a reviewer who’d given a poor review on Goodreads, sock puppet wars in all their gory glory, and threatening to sue a reviewer over a negative review. One reader went so far as to describe this sort of behaviour as professional suicide.

Author interaction:
• Readers liked authors to reply to their e-mails. Not replying was seen as a negative point, whereas getting a response to a fan e-mail really meant something.
• It was recognised that reader behaviour could be bad, as well. They needed to follow “rules of engagement”.

• Readers didn’t like finding a good story badly written/edited/proofed and vice versa. One said they would pay more for a quality product.
• Some readers wouldn’t stop reading a story just for the typos it contained, but would balk at badly content edited work.
• There were instances in both self- and publisher- published books of poor production values, but good production values weren’t limited to traditionally published books.
• Carina, Samhain and Riptide were cited as having good quality product.
• Readers would like to see more books about average people. Older characters, people with everyday careers, people with real bodies as opposed to bodybuilder/supermodel types. They also wanted more domestic settings, fewer stalkers and more disabled characters.
• Some readers didn’t enjoy storylines where characters suddenly found out they were gay after years of heterosexual life. They were also sick of gay books featuring evil women characters.
• Readers at UK Meet wanted to see a greater variety of English settings, not just London and the south east. They liked to see British authors sticking to their Britishness.

Other points:
• Readers didn’t like it when reviewers had clearly not read the book they were reviewing.
• Blurbs that didn’t match the content of a book were annoying for readers. Especially if the plot or character names were wrong.

Does this resonate with readers out there? Did you take part in this discussion? Are there other things which are really important to you as a reader.

Authors, how does this feel to read this feedback?

I’d love to hear from you. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to pick up some more parcels from the post office depot. *grabs drop card and gets into car*

Until next time,

Liam Livings xx

If you had infinite resources, what would you want for UK Meet 2014?

Hi everyone,

it’s Liam Livings again. I’m just recovering from Nanowrimo, and so have more time to blog here. If you have ideas for topics, do let me know.

A while ago, Charlie Cochrane asked what you’d want for UK meet 2014 if you had infinite resources. Here’s a selection of your responses. Well, she did say ‘infinite resources’ so as you’ll see some of them have flown further into a flight of fancy than others… (Why do I now regret asking the question? – Charlie Cochrane)

  1. I would make the meet five days long and include a day trip to the surrounding countryside.
  2. I would also broaden it a bit so that we get some exposure to other genres, not just romance.
  3. I would love to try other contemporary LGBT fiction but by UK authors. I love graphic novels and cartoons and it would be great to hear from some of the authors of gay graphic novels.
  4. I would also have a session where we could discuss human rights for gay people in countries where it is a crime to be gay.
  5. I’d like to know the history of the gay community in the UK. There must be so many stories about how gay people lived in the past in this country and it would be fabulous to learn more.
  6. I would like free pampering sessions and food and wine tasting. Well you did say unlimited resources and I would love a hot stone massage or a foot massage or indeed both!!
  7.  I’d definitely have some grants for the authors who come outside Europe (and low-income Europeans too, really, why not). Why? Because travelling is expensive and because that way the meet could grow faster and we’d get our non-Europeans on board much faster! 🙂
  8. Have Graham Norton conduct author interviews at event.
  9. To have Prince Harry read from his diary.
  10. First class flights to and from anywhere in the world and a supply of fabulous hotel rooms so we could invite all our favourite authors with packages they couldn’t refuse!
  11. Free standees of your favourite characters!
  12. A hotel with a pool, sauna, endless free cold Pinot Grigio on tap, cake, handsome young, semi-naked waiters and of course, and most importantly, great company to talk about those really important books!
  13. A sexy man to see to my every need for the few days I was there.
  14. A line-up of cover models to play with 🙂
  15. For starters, each delegate would have their choice of two celebrities (of any type) as bodyguards, assistants and personal slaves for the weekend. First come first served, of course. I’m claiming David Picard and David Pocock.
  16. Given the amount of work involved in organising the event, the meet team would have a choice of up to five each. Charlie, I’m guessing Ben Foden and Jamie Bamber would both feature on your list? (I’ve got dibs on Ben Foden – Liam Livings)
  17. Given the high likelihood of distraction amongst the delegates, we’d have to limit ourselves to two seminars a day, which will probably stretch the UK Meet out an extra fortnight. I doubt anyone would complain about sixteen days – and nights – with the hunks of their most intimate dreams.
  18. There would also be a dedicated, fully-equipped play-room, complete with instructors for the less-experienced. A dozen adult entertainment stars might work well in that role – I’d suggest Jesse Santana, Dirk Caber, Bob Hager, Jesse Jackman, Austin Wolf, Harley Everett, Logan McCree, Derek Parker, Jimmy Fanz, Vincent WolFang, Colby Keller, Johnny Sins and Angel Rock. (Feel free to image search these in your own time… – Liam Livings)

I don’t think I can top that, so I won’t try.


Liam Livings xx

Why Authors Should Attend UK Meet 14, Live Twitter Chats and Blog Story

Hi everyone, it’s me again!

Sorry I’ve been a bit lax here, I’ve been about seven kinds of busy lately. I went to the Festival of Romance with Charlie Cochrane, JL Merrow, Stevie Caroll and Patrick Darcy, and here’s what I learned. Then I went to the NEC Classic Car Show and tweeted hundreds of pictures of cars all day. I am a complete car geek. I was convelling over the Cortinas, I became quite animated over an Austin Maxi, and even got quite misty eyed over a man’s 1985 Mini Metro! And I’m also doing Nanowrimo, so it’s been all go here at Liam Livings towers. But I’m here now, so I hope you’re all sitting comfortably. Are you? Good.

Live Twitter Chats

This week I want to give you early warning that we’re going to hold some live Twitter chats, using #ukmeet14 in January. The first topic will be writing family – who is your writing family? The writing mother, father, brothers and sisters you turn to when you have that difficult writing question you can’t ask your real family? My official writing mothers are Clare London and Charlie Cochrane ❤ ❤ Having my writing mothers is fortunate because my real mum finds this whole writing thing completely baffling.

The second live Twitter chat using #ukmeet14 again will be for reading family – who do you swap book tips with? Who encourages you to read an off piste book you wouldn’t normally try? Who do you ask about things you didn’t get in books – it happens to us all, I missed the scene when Tess was assaulted in Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Times and dates of these two Twitter chats will be confirmed. Here’s how it works. At the agreed time and date you tweet in questions to the organisers, stories to share, anything you want related to either writing family, or reading family, always using the #ukmeet14 so we can pick them up. You don’t need to @ us as long as you include the #ukmeet14 – isn’t Twitter amazeballs?

Blog Story

We are also going to shamelessly steal an idea I heard from Festival of Romance – we will have a blog story written in part on the blogs of the five organisers, starting with me, circulating round all of us, and ending with me again. It’s ‘my’ idea and I’ll control it if I want to. That will be late January, early February. With a cheersome story, we hope to help you through what I always think are the two worst months of the year: January and February. Also, it’s a reminder that we did something similar with a story written at the UK Meet 2013.

Right, that’s more than enough of my mincing about, this week. Clare London has been under the bonnet of the website and I wanted to draw your attention to some of the revised content.

Why authors should attend the UK Meet 2014

  • The event is focussed on the GLBTQ section of the market including romance and other genres, so will give you a targeted opportunity to meet both fellow writers and readers in one place.
  • For those writers who don’t want to be identified on social media, you will have a different coloured lanyard to help protect your identity.
  • Meet your writer friends, and reader fans all in one friendly intimate place, rather than travelling all over the world.
  • The intimate nature of the meet makes for easy networking between delegates. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialising between more structured sessions.
  • The meet has an inclusive atmosphere where peer to peer support is positively encouraged, and aspiring writers can have the time to rub shoulders with more experienced writers and publishers in a friendly safe space.
  • As well as a good gossip with friends and fans, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills and take part in the discussions and panels. These are skills you can take home to improve your writing and develop your writing career.
  • As the Meet is for writers and readers of GLBTQ fiction, you’ll have a unique chance to meet fans, talk about your work, and strengthen your author brand, which can lead to increased sales of your work. Meeting readers face to face is an important supplement to an online profile and strengthens it much quicker than blogging yourself to death. It is a much more powerfully targeted way to reach your readers, compared to traditional advertising. You can find out what readers are interested in, and gain more inspiration for your next project.
  • We have links with the main publishers in the genre, so the Meet will give you an opportunity to talk directly to interested parties, network with publishers and create publishing partnerships.
  • You have the opportunity to meet writer and reader friends you’ve made online. Take the opportunity to share that piece of breaking news, or ask that difficult plotting question you didn’t want to email about. You can use the face to face time to set up your own critique and writing networks and spark ideas off each other about your next project.

Until next time,

Liam Livings xx

UK Meet 2013 Flashfic – George and Phillip

Hi everyone,

Liam Livings here again. This week I’m sharing some great flash fiction delegates came up with at the UK Meet 2013 in Manchester.

We’ve also had a bit of a spring clean – in autumn/fall – of this website, and I’ll be blogging various parts over the coming weeks, to show you why you should come to UK Meet 2014. More later…

If you see a panel or discussion you’d like to help with, can you let me know and I’ll put your name down on my Big Spreadsheet of Panels and Volunteers?

In the meantime, grab a cup of tea, coffee, juice, wine, whatever you fancy, and settle down to this great story.

Until next time,

Liam Livings

George and Phillip

(Or how to create a story out of nothing in about forty minutes)

By Hambel, Jennysmum, HJ, Piper Vaughn, Elin Gregory

Transcribed by Mara Ismine, with apologies for all the wonderful ideas and details that got left out of this quick draft.

Edited by Charlie Cochrane




Phillip was trying to decide between Pouilly Fume and Chablis to accompany his chicken salad with herb-dusted croutons and a light scattering of pancetta. He had moved aside the bottle of aged balsamic vinegar that he’d used his to create his own honeyed salad dressing and lifted the Pouilly Fume to check the label when the doorbell rang.

Who could be disturbing him at six forty-five in the evening? Phillip stalked to the front door and drew himself up to his full height before opening it.

“Ah! You’re in. Mr MacDonald?”

Phillip nodded, dismayed that the stranger knew his name.

“I was hoping to catch you, as I missed you earlier on my round.” The man on the doorstep spoke rapidly. “I’m sorry that your parcel was damaged in transit. I think it’s only superficial. Would you like to check that the contents are okay? You can refuse delivery and it’ll go back as the shipping address is still clear.”

Phillip didn’t reply, too distracted by the damaged parcel that the stranger was holding out. The cover of one of the books he’d ordered online the other day showed clearly through the ripped cardboard. In the too bright evening sunlight the cover appeared lurid and almost pornographic. The entwined, naked, undeniably male torsos had been attractive, even seductive, when viewed on his computer screen which had only enhanced his anticipation for this new Gregor Blair novel.

“Who are you?” Phillip pulled his eyes away from the cover and fixed them on the chin of the man standing on the doorstep, unwilling to see either a smirk or look of contempt. His passion for m/m romance was his secret vice and he was not comfortable with a complete stranger knowing about it.

“I’m George Gregory, the postman.” George pointed to his shirt, grinned, then shoved the torn package towards Phillip again. “I have to pass your door on my way home, so I thought I’d see if I could catch you in, rather than leave them at the collection depot. I’m really sorry about the damage, it was done before it got to the post office. I think the books are okay. I can wait while you check.”

“I’m in the middle of preparing supper.” Phillip scowled, but let his gaze rise above George’s chin as he hadn’t heard any negative emotions in George’s voice. The guy was smiling in a pleasant, professional way, even if he was wearing scruffy shorts and flip-flops; and there was a Post Office ID card hanging from the collar of his equally scruffy polo shirt. Phillip was annoyed with himself for noticing the width of the shoulders filling said shirt and the massive thighs straining the legs of the shorts, rather than having seen the badge straight away. Phillip intensified his scowl, pleased that George’s face was nothing special.

“It’ll only take a second to check, Mr. MacDonald. I could open it for you, if you want?”

“No!” Phillip cleared his throat and repeated the denial, “No. I can open it.” He all but snatched the package from George’s hands.

“Did you say you were cooking supper?” George asked, staring over Phillip’s shoulder and flaring his nostrils. “I think something might be burning.”

Phillip turned and rushed into the kitchen where his chicken was charring under the grill. Smoke was curling from the cooker and Phillip’s hands were full of books. He stood staring at the unfolding disaster unable to process what to do with the books so that he could turn off the grill.

“Let me just turn that off for you.” George slipped past and flipped the grill off before peering at the chicken. “I think we were in time, it’s only just caught the edges. You can probably cut off the burnt bits and never notice.”

Phillip took a deep breath as his hands clenched on the package of books. “I don’t recall inviting you in, ” he said in his best disapproving senior-surgeon-to-hapless-medical-student voice – which had been known to reduce the more delicate flowers among the students to tears . It didn’t have any apparent effect on George.

“I couldn’t leave you to deal with a potential emergency while I stood on the doorstep, now could I?” George looked around the kitchen. “I haven’t been in here since they refitted. It looks pretty good now. You would have hated it last year – all seventies orange with an avocado fridge.”

Phillip couldn’t prevent his wince at the thought of the clashing colours and he didn’t have chance to say anything as George rattled on.

“It was even worse than you’re imagining. But it looks really good now. Are you going to be staying long?”

“Another month,” Phillip answered and scowled again at letting the words out.

“It must be great to be able to take a nice long holiday and really relax. I can’t see the Post Office letting me take that much time off all at once, though. What do you do for a living?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” Phillip couldn’t quite understand how he had got into this situation, but that didn’t mean he had to tolerate, or reply to, personal enquiries. It was humiliating enough to have been told to take “gardening leave” without admitting to some total stranger that he had succumbed to the stresses of working in A&E. At least it wasn’t enforced sick leave, although that would have been the next step if he hadn’t agreed to the time off. He knew that the hospital could survive without him, but he didn’t have to like the knowledge.

“Sorry, I was just wondering.” George didn’t sound sorry at all. “I like being a postman most of the time, I’m just curious about what else might be available.”

Phillip bit down on his bottom lip to prevent the snarky comment escaping about George probably not being a suitable candidate for a surgeon in the next twenty years or so.

“If you’d just check the books, Mr. MacDonald, I’ll be on my way.” George looked at the package still gripped tightly in Phillip’s hands. “You’ll have to let me know what you think of that one,” he nodded towards the exposed cover, “have you read any of his other books?”

“You’ve read Gregor Blair?” Phillip was startled into asking. He’d never met anyone else who read m/m romance and wasn’t quite sure how to react to this sudden revelation.

“I’m very familiar with all his work,” George chuckled and winked. “What else have you got in there? I’m always on the look-out for something new to read.”

Somehow George ended up staying to supper and their lively discussion on books carried them to the settee in the lounge.  Which led, inevitably, given the discussion on Gregor Blair, to Phillip’s bed. George didn’t stay the night – a postman had to get up early for work – but he did deliver a few books of his own, the next day “just to get your opinion” which generated another supper date. And another discussion. And another supper date. And more bed.

Phillip began to wonder if “gardening leave” was going to leave his climbing vine decidedly wilted.

More than 13 reasons why Bristol is a fab location for UK Meet 2014

Hi everyone, it’s Liam Livings again! *does a twirl* Are you all well? I do hope you’re sitting comfortably for this week’s post about UK Meet 2014.

This week, I’m talking about why Bristol is such a fab location for UK Meet 2014. And to start, I’ll recount a story a well known Bristolian comedian, Russell Howard, told about the difference between London and Bristol.

While in London, Russell heard announcements on the Tube and trains saying, ‘Passengers must not leave luggage unattended. Unattended luggage will be removed and may be destroyed.’

He returned home, to Bristol, and waiting for a train at Bristol Temple Meads train station over the tannoy, a voice with a strong Bristol accent said, ‘’Ere, don’t feed the pigeons.’

And with that, I give you 13 reasons why Bristol is ‘lush’ as they say down there. I know 13 is unlucky for some, but some of them have sub-reasons, so it’s really more like 20 reasons, so all those who are superstitious, can stay calm, *behind hand, whispering* I was a bit worried too, until I re-counted. 

  1. Bristol is an easily accessible city:
    • a large international airport, with operators flying into Bristol from over one hundred different countries
    • road access from all of the UK as it is located where the M4 and M5 motorways cross.
    • Bristol Temple Meads railway station has direct services from London, Scotland, Wales, Manchester and Birmingham
  2. Bristol, south west England’s capital, has a proud maritime history, and is the home of Banksy the street artist and Wallace and Gromit.
  3. Bristol is the shopping capital of the south west, and includes shopping centres for high street brands, as well as back street boutiques for that unusual one off must-have.
  4. The Victorian architect, Brunel, has several famous works within Bristol include the SS Great Britain, Clifton Suspension Bridge and Temple Meads Railway Station.
  5. The historic Floating Harbour brings the water and boats right into the centre of the city, and is bordered by cafes, restaurants, museums and arts centres. Some of them are even floating themselves!
  6. Bristol Cathedral, which is a fine example of a hall church, can be toured for free.
  7. Beautiful Georgian Clifton is close to the city centre and very similar to nearby Bath in its architecture and exclusive shopping opportunities.
  8. Home of BBC Bristol, where you can have a tour around the interactive studio; you can have a go at presenting the weather and star in your own radio drama.
  9. Home of Aardman Animations, the groundbreaking film and TV company who brought Wallace and Gromit to life.
  10. Bristol has two distinct gay districts, each with their own flavour, and the home of the only bespoke bear bar in Britain!
  11. Some of Banksy’s most famous Bristol works are all over the city and can be visited on foot, along with a wealth of other fascinating street art.
  12. The city also includes: Bristol Aquarium, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, MShed and At Bristol.
  13. Further into the countryside around Bristol, you can visit:
    • Cheddar Gorge – discover the place after which the most popular British cheese is named. It’s one of the UK’s most famous beauty spots with the largest natural gorge and two beautiful caves with stalactites
    • The historic city of Bath is just a short train ride away, and includes the Royal Crescent, Georgian terraces and Bath Spa. Bath has been used as the location of many costume dramas, and the whole city is a World Heritage Site. It is certainly one of Britain’s most picturesque cities and perfect for whiling away some time over the weekend, shopping, sightseeing or relaxing in the spa.
    • Weston-super-Mare – a traditional Victorian British seaside resort, also only a short train ride away.

How many of you have been to Bristol before? Have you sampled some of the delights the city has to offer? Or is this part of the UK completely new to you? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Liam Livings xx

UK Meet 2014 Registration is open!

Registration for UK Meet 2014 in Bristol is now OPEN!

This year Jo Myles has handed over the blog to Liam Livings, so take it away Liam…


*does a twirl* lovely to see you all!
*biting lip* You’ll be gentle with me on the blog won’t you? You will, that’s kind of you :).

So, at the planning meeting I turned up in my Buddy Holly glasses and a red striped top. After a while, Charlie Cochrane said we had to talk about the elephant in the room, the fact that I looked just like Wally, from Where’s Wally. When I looked in the mirror I had to agree with her.

We had a productive day’s planning – even if I had to make do and only bring *coughs* shop bought cake, and now I’m pleased to announce that registration and ticket sales open from Monday 7 October.

Just like last year, there are two levels of ticket: General and Spotlight. There is a good saving for booking these tickets over two days when compared with the two individual day prices. This Early Bird deal will be available until the end of January.
If you’d like to be involved in panels/workshops/buffet of banter, please email as I’m ‘panel beater’ this year.

Future blog topics
The Spice Organisers will each give you five reasons to attend UK Meet 2014 in Bristol, Charlie ‘Sporty Spice’ Cochrane, is first.

We are inviting delegates from 2013 to answer the following questions, and send them to

• What brought you to UK Meet 2013?
• What’s your favourite memory of the event?
• What was the funniest thing that happened to you there?
• What did you learn at UK Meet 2013 that you’d not known before?’
What have you done differently as a result of something you found out at UK Meet2013?’
• If you had an infinite budget, what would you feature at UK Meet 2014?

I’ve had a few early replies, which is great, but if you’ve not yet returned yours, please don’t be backward at coming forward and fling them over to me.

We will have twitter chats, using the hash tag UKMEET2014

Why you should attend UKMEET2014 if you’re a blogger/author/reader/publisher
An exclusive interview with the Spice Organisers, to really get to the bottom of how we got our Spice Girls names, and why we’re involved in the UK Meet.

And much much more!
If you have ideas for future blog topics, please me know on

*takes deep breath and scurries off stage*

Liam Livings xx

Meet the delegates: Josephine Myles

Phew, it’s been a busy couple of months getting all these introductions posted. Somehow I kept forgetting to do my own, but on the very last day before the Meet begins, here I am!

Jo Myles1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

Former narrowboat dweller, textile craft addict, occasional smoker and beer drinker. I enjoy dancing, cabaret and any kind of vaudeville-style entertainment—the camper, the better! I’ve been writing full time for the last couple of years and before that did many varied jobs, ranging from litter picker to English teacher. I’m mama to a gorgeous seven-year-old girl with Downs Syndrome who monopolises an awful lot of my time—I blame her for me not getting more novels out! I may be covered in scratches when you meet me as we’ve just adopted two 8 week old kittens. Aww.

PS – call me Jo!

2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

I can’t whistle or click my fingers, but I do a fantastic impression of an enraged chimp (hint: may need throat lubricating with fancy continental lager first!). I also seem to be incapable of forgetting the lyrics to any song I’ve learnt, which has the unfortunate side effect of me still being able to rap a whole load of early 90s hits, including the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, embarrassingly enough.

3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

The way it allows me to express the side of my sexuality that gets effectively hidden by being a bisexual woman married to a man. Most people I meet just assume I’m straight, so it’s great to be part of a community that embraces gender and sexuality in all its varied, rainbow forms.

4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

Getting a chance to model the 50s style dresses I’ve made. No, sorry. That was horribly vain. What I meant to say was meeting up with old friends and making plenty of new ones 🙂

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

That the whole thing goes off without a hitch, and everyone has a fantastic time and can’t wait to buy their tickets for next year. Bristol, here we come!


Website and blog:
Twitter: @JosephineMyles


Thanks for reading. See you all very soon indeed!
Jo x
(who is right now is exceedingly excited with a side order of panic )

Meet the delegates: Kelly McGrath

Welcome Kelly McGrath, our penultimate delegate to sign up for an introductory blog post. Not only has Kelly been a huge help with analysing the feedback from the 2011 Meet, but she’s actually created us a UK Meet app for this year! iPhone and Android users can download the Bloodhound app and you’ll find the UK Meet listed as an event, complete with timetables and extras.

Kelly has also included a picture of herself dancing with a stripper at GRL. I’m afraid we can’t promise male strippers this weekend, Kelly, but I hope you still have a wonderful time!

Kelly McGrath1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

Howerya! I’m Kelly McGrath, I live in Ireland but was born in Coventry near 30 years ago now… damn that sounds wayyyy too old for me! I met a few of you 2 years ago at the 2011 Meet in Milton Keynes and damn did I love it, we had some craic and was disgusted I couldn’t make it to the meet last year. Last year I ended up at GRL instead and what a time it was too. I started writing seriously after many a kick in the backside during this event.

2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

Ok so you know the song: La Bamba? Well I only know the song in Gaelic! It was taught to us in school here in Ireland. Who knows if we find a karaoke ….

3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

You won’t find a more open-minded genre out there. There is nothing frowned upon no matter your kink!

4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

Getting to meet some old and new friends! It’s not often I get out and even less often to be in the open environment that I remember from the last Meet in 2011.

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

That no matter how much I eat that I will STILL fit into the jeans I bought as my goal-weigh jeans 3 months for the UK Meet… Hey you said it was a wish! I suppose I have more luck seeing a leprechaun …


Twitter: @KellyMcGWriting


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Meet the delegates: Misa Buckley

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Misa Buckley, an author of sci-fi romance who’s just branching out into writing GLBT stories too. Let’s hope Misa finds plenty of inspiration at the Meet!

Misa Buckley1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.
I’m a multi-published author of science fiction romance, though my novellas to date have all been het. I live in Manchester, near Bolton, and am a huge sci fi geek. Be warned: if you talk to me about sci fi, I will rabbit on no end, especially about my crush (see Twitter, LOL
2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!
I have five children. This seems to surprise everyone.
3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?
I’m fairly new to the genre reading-wise and even newer writing it. The stories I like are the ones where it’s two people falling in love, gender not-with-standing.
4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?
Meeting LA Witt, who I’ve “known” for about two years now but never met, and also Aleks Voinov. And everyone else.
5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?
I want to pick up as many writing tips and tricks as possible. I may bring a notepad or two. 😀


Twitter: @MisaBuckley


All UK Meet 2013 delegates are cordially invited to send in their answers to the above questions, along with links to any social networks/blogs/websites they want to include, and a completely optional mugshot/avatar. If you’d like to take part, send them to Thanks!