Meet the delegates: Sarah

My abiding memory of Sarah (aka Pointycat) last year is of her knitting away in the hotel lobby on the Sunday morning with some gorgeous stripy yarn. Always great to see people knitting in public! I’m sure everyone who met Sarah last year will be looking forward to seeing her again. Now take it away, Sarah!

Sarah Pointycat1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

I’m bi, poly, depressed & easily irritated and I have far too many hobbies: reading, painting & drawing, listening to music (metal, jazz, classical), knitting, beading/making jewellery – most of them are competing for shelf & floor space – it’s amazing how many places can be used for yarn storage in a pinch!

Currently not working due to depression & anxiety – reading is my comfort blanket.

2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

I’m not vegetarian – I’m amazed by how many people have assumed I am vegetarian over the years – this has led to work colleagues being very surprised and confused when they’ve seen me eating meat. It wouldn’t be so bad if I actually liked most veg but I really am a committed carnivore whenever possible!

3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

I love reading books where both/all of the main protagonists are strong minded individuals in their own right.

4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

So many authors I admire are going to be there this year as well as people that I know from various groups but have never met before. I’m also looking forward to seeing the people I met last year.

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

There are so many people I’d like to meet – I’m just hoping there will be time & opportunity !




All UK Meet 2013 delegates are cordially invited to send in their answers to the above questions, along with links to any social networks/blogs/websites they want to include, and a completely optional mugshot/avatar. If you’d like to take part, send them to Thanks!

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