Meet the delegates: Eija

Today I’d like to give a warm welcome to Eija, a UK Meet newbie who’s coming over from Finland. As a fellow handcraft-loving book addict, I know Eija and I will get along really well, and I have a feeling there are plenty more people sharing the same interests who’ll be coming to the Meet. We might have to set up a crafter’s corner, at this rate! 🙂

Eija1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

I’m a handcraft loving book addict with the tendency to multitask and failing it most of the time. I read way too much and I’m constantly re-reading so I don’t go over by book budget (again) and if not that then I’m doing something with my hands. Sewing, cross stitching, bead work, mosaics and pretty much anything else is fair game. I have tried almost everything and have the supplies to do at least half a dozen things in my home.

2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

I looooove boardgames. Anything from Trivial Pursuit to Carcassonne and Hero Quest. Even some card games like Bang! or Munchkin and I’m all in and having no trouble of befriending strangers. =D I have a large group of friends and we get together few times a year just to play the weekend away in good company.

3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

I just love my men. With MM romance, that I read, I get double or, even better, triple the fun and there are some damn good MM romance books out there so what ever you like you can find and have fun. What is there not to like? Really? Everybody should try at least once. =P

4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

Meeting people who read the same books that I do. I’ve got nothing too negative about my books from friends or co-workers but none of them don’t understand _why_ I read what I read. Meeting some like minded people will be so much fun.

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

I have no idea what to wish for. I’ll just wish that everybody will have fun. That’s doable, right?



All UK Meet 2013 delegates are cordially invited to send in their answers to the above questions, along with links to any social networks/blogs/websites they want to include, and a completely optional mugshot/avatar. If you’d like to take part, send them to Thanks!

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  1. Katharina

    Uuuh, Munchkin!! I love it!!! Maybe I find my English one again and take it with me to the meeting! … well, if I ever find it again in the chaos that pretends to be my flat 🙂

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