Meet the delegates: Lisa Worrall

Today, please give a warm welcome to Lisa Worrall–an author who’s been booked onto the last two UK Meets, but both times was unable to make it. Here’s hoping it’s third time lucky this year!

LisaWorrall1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

I live about forty minutes outside of London on the South coast near Southend-on-Sea, Essex.  I am multi-lingual, speaking English, Essex and Sarcasm fluently. I am the single mother of two children who work together to drive me insane, but I’ve been doing this parenting lark for nearly ten years now and the little suckers haven’t got me yet! I write full time now and love it, shut away in the bat cave with a myriad of voices yammering at once. I love Supernatural, steak and kidney pie, pasta and the dog, but show me a spider and I’m gone!

2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

I saw Interview with the Vampire seven times! Two of which were on my own. There was only me and one other person in the cinema on one of those occasions and he was wearing a dirty mack and drinking a bottle of ripple out of a brown paper bag—I think he was waiting for someone to turn up and fix the “washing machine” if you know what I mean.

3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

Apart from the excitement of putting together a story and having it published, then seeing the enjoyment the readers get from something I’ve written—I love the fact that if it were not for this genre I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with anywhere else. People I couldn’t imagine my life without.

4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

I’m looking forward to showing my support for our genre, meeting friends in the flesh I’ve  only met online and making lots of new ones. Oh and no one calling me mummy for the whole weekend!

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

That there’s black pudding at breakfast 🙂
Twitter: @lisa_worrall


All UK Meet 2013 delegates are cordially invited to send in their answers to the above questions, along with links to any social networks/blogs/websites they want to include, and a completely optional mugshot/avatar. If you’d like to take part, send them to Thanks!

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