Meet the delegates: Kelly Birch

Please give a warm welcome to Kelly Birch, who’s an aspiring author attending the UK Meet for the first time this year. I think Kelly might be our youngest delegate so far! Yes, even younger than “Baby” organiser Liam Livings 😉

Kelly Birch1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

Hiya! I’m Kelly, a native from Wigan which is about forty minutes from Manchester. I’m 24, 5’3 and I have brown, naturally curly hair. I have 2 dogs, a brother who is ten years younger than me and probably 10 inches taller. I have just graduated University with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I write, read and generally like to have a laugh. I have several novels/short stories/novellas started and now that I’m out of Uni, I’m banking on finishing them all! I love Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

Urmm, I’m more clumsy than I look? No, seriously. I fell down the stairs in a Solicitors firm and sprained my ankle, I fell of a couch and did the same thing, go figure! Although this might not come as a surprise to close friends! Lol.

3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

The voices. I love that I can pick up one and be sucked into it straight away. Every story is unique and tells me something different. I read my first one when I was 11 or 12 years old. It was called Boy meets Boy by David Levithan, I found it in WH Smiths, read it loved it and it wasn’t until a good nine or ten years later that I picked up my next LGBTQ book.

4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

I’m looking forward to the chance to meet people and discuss books, writing and challenges, because it’s hard to find people I can talk to about these wonderful books that I’ve read or about issues I’m facing as an aspiring author.

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

I just want to meet other people and enjoy my time with them. I’m really looking forward to the event and I can’t wait to make friends. I look forward to seeing you all there!
Twitter @KjBirch


All UK Meet 2013 delegates are cordially invited to send in their answers to the above questions, along with links to any social networks/blogs/websites they want to include, and a completely optional mugshot/avatar. If you’d like to take part, send them to Thanks!

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