Meet the delegates: Bruin Fisher

Today, author Bruin Fisher’s come to tell us a bit about himself. He says he has nothing much exciting to report, but to be honest, the hardest part was getting him to shut up! Along with Charlie Cochrane, Bruin was one of the very first authors of gay fiction I ever met–all the way back in 2010–so he’ll always have a special place in my heart 🙂

bruinfisher1) Tell us about yourself in 100 words or fewer.

However will I fill a hundred words? I’m male, very English, pedantic, interested in almost everything except soccer. I live in the West of England and my day job is whatever I can persuade someone to pay me for – so quite varied and sometimes interesting but rarely financially rewarding. I’ve been writing gay fiction since 2005, although the last couple of years have been an agonisingly dry spell for me. I’m clearly not paying my muse well enough.

 2) Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise!

I’m an alien emissary from the planet Zog? A reincarnation of Queen Nefertiti? A zombie werewolf vampire? A sad little man with nothing much exciting to report? Please choose only one of the above.

 3) What do you like most about the LGBTQ genre?

I love to read about people who look at the world through the same eyes that I do. I identify with gay characters in a romantic story much more closely than I can with straight characters. That hardly does justice to the strength of my feeling for the genre – it has been for me a lifeline, giving me reassurance that there are other people just like me and that they are not freaks, but have normal lives, normal highs and lows, and, yes, normal relationships and sex lives. Reading about ordinary people who just happen to be gay gives me a warm glow. Thanks to all you writers of high quality LGBTQ fiction!

 4) What are you most looking forward to about UK Meet?

Renewing old acquaintances, of course – and I’m hoping for a hug here and there. Also I hope to make some new friends, and swap experiences both related to writing and otherwise. This will be my third UK Meet so I know roughly what to expect and for that reason I’m getting very excited about it. I know how much I will enjoy myself. Watch out for a greying, balding Tigger with a paunch.

5) If you had one wish which would come true at UK Meet, what would that be?

Inspiration and Encouragement (is that two wishes?). Inspiration to come up with ideas for new stories, and middles and ends for stories that currently only have beginnings. Encouragement to finish, polish and submit some of the stuff that I know in my heart is potentially publishable but which I haven’t had the determination, endurance, and courage to finish and bring to any publisher yet.



All UK Meet 2013 delegates are cordially invited to send in their answers to the above questions, along with links to any social networks/blogs/websites they want to include, and a completely optional mugshot/avatar. If you’d like to take part, send them to Thanks!

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