Why Authors Should Attend UK Meet 14, Live Twitter Chats and Blog Story

Hi everyone, it’s me again!

Sorry I’ve been a bit lax here, I’ve been about seven kinds of busy lately. I went to the Festival of Romance with Charlie Cochrane, JL Merrow, Stevie Caroll and Patrick Darcy, and here’s what I learned. Then I went to the NEC Classic Car Show and tweeted hundreds of pictures of cars all day. I am a complete car geek. I was convelling over the Cortinas, I became quite animated over an Austin Maxi, and even got quite misty eyed over a man’s 1985 Mini Metro! And I’m also doing Nanowrimo, so it’s been all go here at Liam Livings towers. But I’m here now, so I hope you’re all sitting comfortably. Are you? Good.

Live Twitter Chats

This week I want to give you early warning that we’re going to hold some live Twitter chats, using #ukmeet14 in January. The first topic will be writing family – who is your writing family? The writing mother, father, brothers and sisters you turn to when you have that difficult writing question you can’t ask your real family? My official writing mothers are Clare London and Charlie Cochrane ❤ ❤ Having my writing mothers is fortunate because my real mum finds this whole writing thing completely baffling.

The second live Twitter chat using #ukmeet14 again will be for reading family – who do you swap book tips with? Who encourages you to read an off piste book you wouldn’t normally try? Who do you ask about things you didn’t get in books – it happens to us all, I missed the scene when Tess was assaulted in Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Times and dates of these two Twitter chats will be confirmed. Here’s how it works. At the agreed time and date you tweet in questions to the organisers, stories to share, anything you want related to either writing family, or reading family, always using the #ukmeet14 so we can pick them up. You don’t need to @ us as long as you include the #ukmeet14 – isn’t Twitter amazeballs?

Blog Story

We are also going to shamelessly steal an idea I heard from Festival of Romance – we will have a blog story written in part on the blogs of the five organisers, starting with me, circulating round all of us, and ending with me again. It’s ‘my’ idea and I’ll control it if I want to. That will be late January, early February. With a cheersome story, we hope to help you through what I always think are the two worst months of the year: January and February. Also, it’s a reminder that we did something similar with a story written at the UK Meet 2013.

Right, that’s more than enough of my mincing about, this week. Clare London has been under the bonnet of the website and I wanted to draw your attention to some of the revised content.

Why authors should attend the UK Meet 2014

  • The event is focussed on the GLBTQ section of the market including romance and other genres, so will give you a targeted opportunity to meet both fellow writers and readers in one place.
  • For those writers who don’t want to be identified on social media, you will have a different coloured lanyard to help protect your identity.
  • Meet your writer friends, and reader fans all in one friendly intimate place, rather than travelling all over the world.
  • The intimate nature of the meet makes for easy networking between delegates. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialising between more structured sessions.
  • The meet has an inclusive atmosphere where peer to peer support is positively encouraged, and aspiring writers can have the time to rub shoulders with more experienced writers and publishers in a friendly safe space.
  • As well as a good gossip with friends and fans, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills and take part in the discussions and panels. These are skills you can take home to improve your writing and develop your writing career.
  • As the Meet is for writers and readers of GLBTQ fiction, you’ll have a unique chance to meet fans, talk about your work, and strengthen your author brand, which can lead to increased sales of your work. Meeting readers face to face is an important supplement to an online profile and strengthens it much quicker than blogging yourself to death. It is a much more powerfully targeted way to reach your readers, compared to traditional advertising. You can find out what readers are interested in, and gain more inspiration for your next project.
  • We have links with the main publishers in the genre, so the Meet will give you an opportunity to talk directly to interested parties, network with publishers and create publishing partnerships.
  • You have the opportunity to meet writer and reader friends you’ve made online. Take the opportunity to share that piece of breaking news, or ask that difficult plotting question you didn’t want to email about. You can use the face to face time to set up your own critique and writing networks and spark ideas off each other about your next project.

Until next time,

Liam Livings xx

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