If you had infinite resources, what would you want for UK Meet 2014?

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it’s Liam Livings again. I’m just recovering from Nanowrimo, and so have more time to blog here. If you have ideas for topics, do let me know.

A while ago, Charlie Cochrane asked what you’d want for UK meet 2014 if you had infinite resources. Here’s a selection of your responses. Well, she did say ‘infinite resources’ so as you’ll see some of them have flown further into a flight of fancy than others… (Why do I now regret asking the question? – Charlie Cochrane)

  1. I would make the meet five days long and include a day trip to the surrounding countryside.
  2. I would also broaden it a bit so that we get some exposure to other genres, not just romance.
  3. I would love to try other contemporary LGBT fiction but by UK authors. I love graphic novels and cartoons and it would be great to hear from some of the authors of gay graphic novels.
  4. I would also have a session where we could discuss human rights for gay people in countries where it is a crime to be gay.
  5. I’d like to know the history of the gay community in the UK. There must be so many stories about how gay people lived in the past in this country and it would be fabulous to learn more.
  6. I would like free pampering sessions and food and wine tasting. Well you did say unlimited resources and I would love a hot stone massage or a foot massage or indeed both!!
  7.  I’d definitely have some grants for the authors who come outside Europe (and low-income Europeans too, really, why not). Why? Because travelling is expensive and because that way the meet could grow faster and we’d get our non-Europeans on board much faster! 🙂
  8. Have Graham Norton conduct author interviews at event.
  9. To have Prince Harry read from his diary.
  10. First class flights to and from anywhere in the world and a supply of fabulous hotel rooms so we could invite all our favourite authors with packages they couldn’t refuse!
  11. Free standees of your favourite characters!
  12. A hotel with a pool, sauna, endless free cold Pinot Grigio on tap, cake, handsome young, semi-naked waiters and of course, and most importantly, great company to talk about those really important books!
  13. A sexy man to see to my every need for the few days I was there.
  14. A line-up of cover models to play with 🙂
  15. For starters, each delegate would have their choice of two celebrities (of any type) as bodyguards, assistants and personal slaves for the weekend. First come first served, of course. I’m claiming David Picard and David Pocock.
  16. Given the amount of work involved in organising the event, the meet team would have a choice of up to five each. Charlie, I’m guessing Ben Foden and Jamie Bamber would both feature on your list? (I’ve got dibs on Ben Foden – Liam Livings)
  17. Given the high likelihood of distraction amongst the delegates, we’d have to limit ourselves to two seminars a day, which will probably stretch the UK Meet out an extra fortnight. I doubt anyone would complain about sixteen days – and nights – with the hunks of their most intimate dreams.
  18. There would also be a dedicated, fully-equipped play-room, complete with instructors for the less-experienced. A dozen adult entertainment stars might work well in that role – I’d suggest Jesse Santana, Dirk Caber, Bob Hager, Jesse Jackman, Austin Wolf, Harley Everett, Logan McCree, Derek Parker, Jimmy Fanz, Vincent WolFang, Colby Keller, Johnny Sins and Angel Rock. (Feel free to image search these in your own time… – Liam Livings)

I don’t think I can top that, so I won’t try.


Liam Livings xx

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