How the UK Meet organisers got their Spice Girls names

This is about how the UK Meet organisers got our Spice Girls names. I suppose it could easily have been characters from Friends, Sex & The City, or any number of other popular culture references, but somehow the Spice Girls pop reference seems to have outlasted the nineties and is still works now. Personally I’m more of a Girls Aloud man, but we’ll come back to that.

So how come Charlie, Jamie, Jo, Clare and Liam got their Spice Girls names?

Charlie Cochrane / Sporty Spice: Because I’m sports potty. And sportsmen potty. especially rugby. Can’t watch/listen to enough of the stuff.

JL Merrow / Posh Spice: well, I suppose I do have some claim to the title, as I studied at Cambridge University and yes, wore a gown to Formal Hall (basically college cafeteria food, but with posh togs, waitress service and Latin grace. The chick pea fritters, I recall, made excellent ammunition in food fights.) But really, I’m only Posh because Clare is very definitely Ginger, Liam is our Baby, the svelte Charlie has to be Sporty, and Jo is way Scarier than I am!

Liam Livings/ Baby Spice: When we were working out the unintentional Spice Girls names it seemed apt for me to be Baby Spice, since I was born in 1995, making me eighteen. *coughing* that is a massive lie I’m afraid, I’m a bit older than eighteen. At UK Meet 2012 the, very cute and in his twenties, barman asked me for ID when I bought a round of drinks. I asked him how old he thought I was, and he replied, ‘Twenty three.’ This made my year. Suffice it to say, I’m a bit older than twenty three, the exact number is a closely guarded secret.

Next time, we hear from Clare / Ginger Spice and Jo / Scary Spice about why they have their Spice names.

I wonder how it would have worked out if it was Girls Aloud names? *looks up the band on the internetz* I bagsi Kimberley. *singing* you can’t mistake my Biology…the way that we talk, the way that we walk…

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Until next time,

Liam Livings xx

4 thoughts on “How the UK Meet organisers got their Spice Girls names

  1. helenajust

    Jamie – I’ve always thought that the only way the original Posh was called that was because the others had nabbed the rest of the monikers, so you’ve stayed true to tradition. Posh she was not! (You can tell I’ve given this some thought.) But you can carry it off… Liam – I also thought you were about 23 – a year later!! It’s just as well you didn’t go with Girls Aloud because I don’t know any of them.

      1. liamlivings

        Or, John, Paul, George & Ringo? But there’s not enough of them for us five…What about the Monkees? 🙂

    1. liamlivings

      HelenaJust – you don’t know any of Girls Aloud? *head desk* *face palm* etc etc 😉
      I am quite a way off 23, sadly. There’s a picture in the loft slowly ageing.

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