Spice Girls Names – Jo Myles

Hi everyone,

Me again, these Mondays seem to be coming round quicker each week…

This week I’m speaking to the final Spice Organiser, Jo Myles. But first, a little reminder about the Live Twitter Chats times.

The Writing Family Twitter chat will happen on Friday 10 January 16.30 – 17.30 GMT using #ukmeet14 with each tweet you send us. Please send us tweets about who your writing family are? How you met them? What they’ve done to help you? Anything about your writing family please. If you always include #ukmeet14 we’ll make sure we pick them up between the five Spice Organisers. So if you haven’t done so already, add that to your diaries. Be there, or miss out 🙂

In other news, the blog story has started. I can now confirm I’ve written the first part which will be posted here and on my blog on 20 January, and Charlie Cochrane will take over the story the following week on her blog.

Right, Jo’s been waiting patiently in the Green Room *psst, does anyone know what that is, they talk about it all the time on Loose Women (not that I ever watch it)?* anyway…

Liam Livings: So, Jo, why have you got your Spice Girls name?

Jo Myles: It was the only one left after Jamie nabbed Posh! I have been told I can be a bit scary, but I think that’s only because I used to teach naughty teenage boys. You quickly learn how to do stern when you need to 😉

Liam Livings: Thanks, Jo. I don’t think you’re scary at all, you’ve always struck me as very friendly 🙂 So why did you get involved in the UK Meet?

Jo Myles: Because I wanted to be a part of helping make it into a professional event people would travel to from around the world. Basically this was for pretty selfish reasons, as I knew I couldn’t afford a jetsetting lifestyle, so I thought I’d get the world to come to me instead.

Liam Livings: And could you tell us some things you’ve learned from last year’s UK Meet?
Jo Myles: I’ve got almost half a notebook full of my scrawled notes from last year, but the thing that really stands out to me is that if you overload a lift full of drunken teenagers at their prom, a bunch of fit firemen will turn up!

Liam Livings: I don’t think I can top that, so I won’t try, bye everyone.

Liam Livings xx