House of Erotica – introducing another sponsor

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying spring wherever you are. In Epping Forest at the moment, it’s bright and mild. In fact I might have to nip out and water the plants Mum gave us last weekend. But that’s not for here…

I’d like to introduce another one of our generous sponsors – House of Erotica.

House of Erotica work with many of the world’s leading erotica authors to bring you the hottest, sexiest stories across the entire range of sensual genres on all formats. From paperbacks to eBooks and even audiobooks, you will find our authors’ work delighting readers and listeners across the globe.

House of Erotica is an established force in the world of adult literature. With erotica of all genres from both established award-winning authors and fresh new talent, our already impressive adult book catalogue is continually growing. From vanilla to heavy BDSM, historical drama to futuristic sci-fi and much more, House of Erotica offers the entire spectrum of themes to satisfy any taste.

Although HOE’s offices are based in the UK, the company is truly international, with authors hailing from all corners of the globe. Through our partnership with leading digital distributor Andrews UK, our titles are also published in every territory and on practically every platform available worldwide.

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If you’d like some content related to UK Meet to be on this blog, please let me know liamlivings (at) gmail (dot) com – I’m reliably informed that should cut out the spambots, or whatever they’re called.

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