Less Than Three Press – sponsors of UK Meet 2014


This week I’d like to introduce Less Than Three Press, as another of our generous sponsors for UK Meet 2014. Until someone explained the name to me, I didn’t realise. I am, it seems, quite late to join the emoticons party 😉 I think that’s right! “”)_: or something… without further mincing, take it away:

Less Than Three Press is a strong presence in the GLBTQ romance community. Together with a network of highly talented editors, artists, and writers, LT3 provides quality fiction, priding itself on stories that put substance first.

LT3 can be found wherever romance writers linger, advertising across the internet and at various conventions. The company is committed to professional integrity, offering strong editorial support to its talented writers, and excellent customer service.

Always looking for ways to please its readership, LT3 is constantly looking for new ways to reach out and offer quality fiction, from traditional print to digital, with plans to expand into interactive novels and other media formats.

LT3 is a labor of love between three women who wanted to write and publish books, but wanted to do it their way—with other people who love what they do, for people who love to read great romance, with high-quality, well-edited stories that are also affordable, engaging, and always come with that famous happy end.

Here’s their website and to contact them

Until next time,

Liam Livings

PS: I have some exciting news about the Saturday night ents, which will be shared soon. Such fun! More later.

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