Manifold Press – UK Meet 2014 sponsor

Hi everyone,

If you don’t like Eurovision, *rolls eyes* please skip to the second paragraph. Everyone else, please indulge me *taps mic* TONIGHT IS EUROVISION AND I’M SO EXCITED, I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF. Anyone who fancies joining me for a live Twitter party about it, please do, it’s the nearest I get to the excitement I’m told people feel for sporting events. I will be tweeting throughout from @LiamLivings

Now it’s time to introduce another great sponsor of this year’s UK Meet, Manifold Press:

Manifold Press are sponsoring some of our entertainment this year, including the Saturday night choir.

Manifold Press, based in the UK, is a collaboration between three British writers of male-male fiction with something like a century of experience between them.

Chris Quinton is already a well-known name in this genre; her past work has appeared with other reputable publishers and we are delighted to be able to introduce some of her new titles here.

Fiona Pickles has been writing and editing under various names since the late 1970s and just doesn’t know when to give up; putting this together was largely her idea, so if it all goes wrong you now know who to blame. Contact Fiona at

Morgan Cheshire started out by keeping a low profile, but has gradually taken a more active part in proceedings; without her valuable practical and (im)moral support this project could not possibly have got this far!

We are ably supported by:

  • Thalia Communications, our essential and very much appreciated professional proof-reading and editing consultant, now ably supported by two other regular proof-readers and a score of special editors.
  • Opportunity Consulting, designer of our present website, on whom we are glad to be able to rely for guidance in all matters concerned with image and presentation.
  • Hooper, our resident geek, who has provided invaluable advice and technical know-how ever since the project was first mooted.
  • Diane Blank, our DMCA cop, who has been tireless in pursuit of copyright infringement and e-book piracy.
  • And last but not least, Cruncher, our invaluable number-cruncher, who has taken on the formidable task of keeping our accounts ‘straight’ – even if nothing else around here is!


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