Not Quite Shakespeare – Rob Rosen

*deep breath* it’s Monday. Be brave. It will not be Monday forever. In the meantime, read this about another author in the Not Quite Shakespeare anthology. Enjoy,
Liam Livings x

Elin Gregory

Monday, Monday *sigh* … but that means we get to see another author interview drawn from the fantastic list of people contributing to Dreamspinner Press’s Not Quite Shakespeare anthology.

My guest today is famous both as an author and an editor and has won awards for both. Welcome rob Rosen.

Have you ever visited the UK? If so where did you go?

I’ve been to London twice. Cool Ferris wheel. A little slow-moving, but nice. Also peed in a public urinal in the sidewalk. Guess the British are trying to shake that whole posh image thing. Cheers to them! But, in all honesty, I really love London, the whole cool vibe of it, all beautifully framed in centuries of history.

What inspired you to write your story for the anthology?

I liked the call for submissions and felt like I could add something unique to the anthology. I knew I…

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