Not Quite Shakespeare – Sam Evans

Sam Evans, another Not Quite Shakespeare anthology author. Enjoy!
Liam Livings xx

Elin Gregory

My aren’t the weeks just speeding by? I can hardly believe that it’s only 2 more Fridays until the UK Meet and until the Not Quite Shakespeare anthology will be available to buy. [Or you can comment to these interview posts for a chance to win a copy].

I’m looking forward very much to both the anthology and the Meet but for the moment am making do with grabbing the authors contributing to the anthology and forcing them to answer questions about their work. Today’s victim author is Sam Evans.

Welcome Sam!!

Have you always lived in the UK? If not what drew you back?

I was born and bred in the North West of England just outside Manchester in ex-coal mining town, semi famous for its Rugby League and that’s pretty much were I have always lived!

Is there any place that is a must-see for any visitor to…

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