Not Quite Shakespeare – Bette Brown

First of a few Not Quite Shakespeare anthology authors this week, enjoy
Liam Livings x

Elin Gregory

Monday Monday – and that means only one more Monday after this until the UK Meet where we will celebrate LGBTTQ fiction in ALL its forms, shapes and shades of the rainbow. Romance always takes centre stage but I’m planning on fangirling the authors who write the harder edged genre fiction too. Can’t wait!

But until then it’s grand to be able to host another author who has contributed a story to the Not Quite Shakespeare anthology from Dreamspinner Press!

My guest today is Bette Brown. Welcome Bette.

Have you ever visited the UK? If so where did you go? If not, what would you most like to see if you were able to make a visit?

Yes, I have visited the UK. The first time was only last year, in fact. My family and I stayed for just under four weeks, and after spending one week in London, we…

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