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welcome to the final pre-UK Meet 2014 blog post. I am still yet to pack and have quite a bit to sort this evening, so I am *not* mincing about on social media. Without further ado, it’s the turn of the last, but not least sponsor, Tourquere Press.

Romance for the Rest of us™

Back in 2003, two writers and critique partners were getting tired of being told there was absolutely no market for male/male romance. Publishers all over the country were turning these stories down, but Shawn Clements and Lorna Hinson had been writing for years, and loved the spicy-hot aspect of m/m fiction. They knew other people felt the same way, and on the impetus of an online chat, Torquere Press was born.

Torquere Press has always been about the readers of LGBT romance, providing those readers with great stories about men and women who truly care about each other. Whether novel-length or short story, whether steamy or sweet, Torquere provides readers with the fiction they crave. The catalog has grown from those first five books released in September 2003 to approximately eighteen hundred titles and nearly two hundred authors, including Sean Michael, Chris Owen, and Stormy Glenn.

In 2007, Shawn and Lorna launched the Prizm Young Adult line, a labor of love created in the name of giving back to the LGBT community, who has been so supportive of Torquere through the years. Prizm books focus on the experiences of gay teens and young adults. Torquere has also supported charity with a short story collection for the last three years, with authors donating their royalties, and Torquere matching those donations 100%.

Torquere’s tagline has always been, “Romance for the Rest of Us”™ and a lot of people have asked what that means. It means that Torquere pushes the boundaries, providing romance for readers who like to color outside the lines and believe that everyone deserves a happy ending. It means that you can love traditional romance and also embrace differences in life and love. Anyone can enjoy a Torquere Press book as long as they bring an open mind to the bookshelf, and as long as they enjoy a traditional romance with non-traditional characters.

Together, Shawn and Lorna have over 30 years of experience in the book industry, from graphic design, editing and copy writing, to library and bookstore management. Both ladies are also authors, with Shawn writing as BA Tortuga, and Lorna writing as Julia Talbot. Both reside just outside of Austin, Texas, where they write, travel, and spoil two amazing basset hounds.

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Oh, and for everyone out there who wonders, it’s pronounced “tore-care-ay”!


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