Tell Us Which Panels you’d like for UK Meet 2015?

Well, hello lovely GLBTQ fiction readers, authors and bloggers, and welcome to the first blog after the 2014 UK Meet.

The planning team had a great meeting chez Clare London. I brought home-made black forest gateau and it was a triumph. There were award winning sausages from Charlie Cochrane, and Mr London was on BBQ duty. We got a lot of work done too, and the first thing is testing which panels you’d like.

The programme for UK Meet will be slightly different in 2015, and one of those differences will be longer, and consequently fewer, front led panels. We’ll be starting with ‘novel’ Novel Openings (readers choosing and reading a selection from their favourite book – more about that anon) and there’ll be another six panels. Trouble is we have eleven potential topics! So, we’d like you to help us finalise the top six (others will probably appear as discussion tables at the revamped Buffets of banter.)

Please would you a) let us know your top six from the list below
b) tell us if you’d like to be involved in leading any of these sessions

1 Reader focus group – to enable readers to feedback to publishers what they’d like. R
2 BDSM workshop R/A
3 Cover art – stages of development, etc R/A
4 Value of reviews – to readers, authors, etc Using sites such as Goodreads. R
5 Tropes – avoiding or using creatively R/A
6 Sex scenes – read them, write them, love them or hate them? R/A
7 Unlocking your dark side – convincing killers, gripping plots and the like R/A
8 Mystery, myth and magic – legends and the like as an inspiration A
9 Character building workshop A
10 Humour in fiction – R/A
11 Moving from fanfic to original fiction A

R indicates mainly aimed at readers, A indicates mainly aimed at authors/industry professionals, R/A means of potential interest to both.

Speak now or forever hold your (mushy) peas!

Feedback to

by 14 September please

Liam Livings xx