Meet the spotlight delegates – Anna Butler

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the UK Meet blog. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Charlie Cochrane has asked the spotlight delegates to answer 3 simple questions about themselves so we all get to know each other before the big day. If you’re a paid delegate you’ll recieve Charlie’s newsletter with the questions, so please write a few words (500 or fewer please) in reply to Charlie’s email and I’ll blog it here.

Well, as you’ll know if you know me, I could chat on here for ever, about my new walking at lunchtime regime, about Celebrity Big Brother, about the book I’m reading at the moment, but no, I won’t, I can sense Charlie making winding up motions from the wings of the blog. *cough* Those mimsying chats can wait for another time.

So, as the announcer says on Celebrity Big Brother: ‘In no particular order’ here’s the first spotlight delegate, in her own words:

1) If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why?

You mean “Anna Butler: A Life” is lacking in originality? Scratches head. I suspect it should be something like “Starships And Tiaras”, to cope with both my great loves in life. Science fiction has been the staple of my reading for, oh more years than I am going to admit to. I grew up on it, both books and TV. I saw the original Star Trek series when it was first aired, for heaven’s sake (a hint as to how thick and heavy my autobiography might be!). It’s my favourite genre to write in. As for tiaras… well, it is my life’s ambition to have the biggest collection of tiara images on Pinterest and the day I win the Nobel Prize for Literature I will buy myself a real tiara and I will just sparkle.

Maybe instead of Starships and Tiaras, it should be Starships in Tiaras?
2) What has your writing/ blogging journey been like from the start until now?

I started out in fanfiction, like so many others. Two years ago, my life was at a stage where I could try and go pro. Apart from a couple of short stories published by Dreamspinner, things were slow to begin with. 2015, though, is turning out to be a boom year for writing. So far the tally is the steampunk, coffeehouse, mystery m/m romance The Gilded Scarab (Dreamspinner, February 2015), and the first two books in the Taking Shield gay mainstream SF series, Gyrfalcon (Wilde City, February 2015) and Heart Scarab (Wilde City, expected summer 2015).

And yes, there are a lot of beetles in my writing. So maybe that’s the answer to your question. My writing journey so far has been very beetle-y.
3) What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences?

Well, the swag is always pretty good… Seriously, I love the meet. I love the balance it achieves between writer and reader, and the space it gives for the two to meet. I’ve made good friends at previous meets and hope to make more.