Meet the spotlight delegates – Beverley Jansen / Izzy van Swelm

This week it’s the turn of Beverley Jansen / Izzy van Swelm – take it away…

I’d call my autobiography ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ – because my family tell me I’m a dreamer… never doubt things will get better for the people I love and the causes I support, and I think that is where I might find myself and my sparkly unicorn!

My blogging and writing journey has been a steep learning curve, but filled with such lovely people and experiences. However, don’t let anyone ever tell you that blogging and/or writing is easy…mainly pleasurable…easy… no. I am always being told I am rather naive, so maybe I just don’t see the more unpleasant aspects, but I was taught…if you are kind to people they will be kind in return. Plus, I am a firm believer in karma. At time of writing I have yet to experience ‘a review’ of my own work…so maybe my attitude will change after that 🙂 I do hope not.

To be honest I hope to get a repeat experience of last year! I love UKMeet because the numbers are limited, so you get the conference experience, but in a size of gathering that feels almost intimate, as though you could talk to anyone (and I do!). I think having the majority of delegates from the UK and Europe means a certain amount of restraint applies that soothes nerves, but keeps the excitement tangible. There is also ample opportunity to talk to authors, and other bloggers and readers, in a relaxed situation without the queues and crowds.
Is it September yet?

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