Meet the spotlight delegates – Catherine Lievens

Hi, time to meet another of our lovely spotlight delegates.

1)If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why? I wouldn’t write an autobiography, my life is too boring for that! Seriously, no one would buy it, so I wouldn’t even bother. [Note from Liam: I’m sure that’s not true, I’m sure you have an interesting life. I will make sure I talk to you about this at UK Meet in September 🙂 ]
2)What has your writing/ blogging journey been like from the start until now? I started writing when I was a kid. I remember a story about twin girls and a ghost I wrote for my grandmother when I was about seven, but growing up I stopped writing, too many other things to do I guess. It’s actually thanks to my son that I started again, because when I graduated from college a few years ago he was only a year old, so I stayed home with him and I had nothing else to do but take care of him and read. I wrote while he napped, and I haven’t stopped yet, even if he stopped napping!
3)What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences? I’ve never been to a conference so I’m not sure what to expect, but I know I can’t wait to meet some of the people I’ve met over the social networks over the past few months. Plus, I’ve never been to the UK and I can’t wait because it’s one of the things on my bucket list. Sooo…is it September yet? [note from Liam Livings: we’ll make sure you have a friendly British welcome – plenty of rain, bowler hats, and tea 😉 ]