Meet the spotlight delegates – Charlie Cochrane

Hi everyone,

Another spotlight delegate, and this time it’s fellow UK Meet organiser, take it away..Charlie Cochrane.
1) If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why?

“Wumble – she travelled to the beat of her own drum”


a) My girls call me Wumble (a mix of Mum and Womble, which does not reflect my shape!)

b) I think that the point at which I realised it was okay to do things the way I felt was right without having to always wonder what other people thought or expected of me was the most liberating point in my life.

c) I’d go so far as to say it’s your duty to travel to the beat of your own drum, and not try to be anyone else.

2) What has your writing/ blogging journey been like from the start until now?

One lucky break after another, to be honest. I’ve known Lee Rowan since before she was Lee Rowan, and back in 2008 she asked if I’d like to submit a story for an anthology with her and Erastes. I can hardly imagine a better start to a career and there have been lots of good things since then, like Linden Bay being taken over by Samhain so all of a sudden I found myself with a ‘name’ publisher. They say that the harder you work, the luckier you get, so it hasn’t all been just serendipity, but I never forget to count my blessings.

3) What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences?

It’s the only one I’ve been to that’s GLBT genre oriented, so there’s the real advantage of being with like minds; you never have to explain why you write what you write or read what you read. Mind you, now I come to think of it, I rarely get asked why I have gay detectives when I’m doing a gig with the Deadly Dames, so maybe the world is getting more open minded, at least in places?