Dawn Sister – meet the spotlight delegates

Hello everyone,

We’re working hard to put together a great entertainments package for the event. We’ve been firing off emails and calling ‘entertainers’ left right and centre. When it’s all confirmed I will blog it, and you’ll be able to sign up for as much or as little of the entertainment as you like.

Dawn Sister is today’s spotlight delegate
My autobiography would be entitled: Making It Up as I Go Along. Why? Well that’s what I have always felt I was doing. Living by the Seat of My Pants would be another good analogy. I’m not a great planner unless it has to do with camping and then I’m shit hot.
I began my writing Journey on an old typewriter that was missing the letter “B”. I used to churn out newsletters for my friends and fill in The “B” afterwards. I still write by hand occasionally, but technology has enabled me to share my writing in a way I would never have dreamed of all those years ago when I was battling with paper feeds, ribbon and Tippex.
So why have I signed up to come to the UK Meet? Are you kidding me? Why not? I found a genre I love reading and writing in and then l discover a whole online community of support in that genre. Now I find out that there’s a conference for us all? I can meet all of you wonderful people and put faces to stories and have fun talking about my writing without getting funny looks (like I do from my friends and family)? That has got to be the main reason everyone is attending (right?).
As for what I hope to gain and how I think it will compare to other conferences. Well, I’ve never actually attended a conference before (no, really, I haven’t). UK Meet will set the bar by which I will compare every subsequent conference. So no pressure guys.

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  1. bjwilliams26

    Now that gives all my reasons for attending (although not this year and I’m not an author). Great post from my point of view. Thankyou 😊

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