Meet the spotlight delegates – Eric Renoult

Hello UK Meet people,

another beautiful sunny day here which I suspect means we’ll have a long wet summer, but maybe not. Anyway, Eric is here to introduce himself.

Eric Renoult

I just created my Publishing House, could you add my name to the list of people expected the name and web address: Sidh Press
I hope to publish my first books before the UK Meet

For the blog is my autobiography:

I am a young French man of 35 who loves to read from teenager. I read the night and the day I work in a bank.

I started writing book reviews there are 3 years and I discovered the M / M. I loved everything in this kind of books. It was gay romance that I was desperate for a long time.

That is why I have decided this year to start my own publishing house to share my love of books.

Why come to UK Meet?
– To be part of a family of readers.
– Be able to meet the authors that I love.
– Discover new authors.

The UK Meet with a family atmosphere is perfect and it will be my first convention. I’m scared because even if I read it in English, it is more difficult for me to speak but I feel that this will be a memorable one.

Cheers, Eric Renoult