LM Somerton – meet another spotlight author

Another week, another spotlight delegate. Take it away, LM Somerton…

1) If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why?

Looks Can Be Deceptive because nobody would ever guess that I write MM BDSM. Not in a million years!

2) What has your writing/ blogging journey been like from the start until now?

A huge adventure  🙂 . I’ve just had my two-years-since-publication anniversary and the time has flown by. I still don’t quite believe it’s true, despite the line up of books on my shelf. I’ve met some amazing people, made great friends and learned a huge amount. I’m hoping for more of the same over the coming years.

3) What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences?

UK Meet is not only a great place to meet up with author and reader friends, it’s a great place to learn too. The author workshops are really useful. I can’t wait to see what this year’s entertainment looks like as well!