Photography Studio Sessions At UK Meet September 2015

Hello UK Meet delegates,

We have a wonderful extra service arranged around the UK Meet panels, entertainments and general fabulousness. Templedragon, has offered to set up a photography studio session for professional photographs of authors, readers, bloggers, anyone who’s at the UK Meet and wants a professional photo. If you’re interested in this you can speak to Templedragon during the meet, or contact her directly at

Take it away, Templedragon…

Hello fellow UK Meet peeps. With kind permission of the organisers, I’m bringing my photography studio to the meet this September. If you’ve ever thought:
– I want a photo of me wearing a pirate hat
– I want a photo of me holding a rainbow umbrella
– I want a photo of me as my author profile, for use in books or on my website
– I want to improve my self confidence in a relaxed environment
– I want a photo with a rainbow streak across my face
– I want a fabulous photo of me and my friends, darling!
– By mutual agreement, I want a studio portrait of me with this author I really admire
– I want a photo with my book / art cover / pet turtle
Then the UK Meet may be the place to make this a reality. I will be sitting with my studio at the end of Saturday, between the panels finishing and the evening meal starting. If you want to be snapped in your evening fineries (with or without rainbow umbrella), it can make a quality momento of the Meet. I will also be sitting with my studio after the last panel on Sunday. I can book a specific time slot by prior arrangement. I will likely oblige last minute if you tap me on the shoulder at break times.
As a format, I provide the pirate hat, rainbow umbrella, rainbow face paint and email address. You provide me with your name and email address so I can send you the photos as a digital copy.
I don’t charge a flat fee for my photography service. You pay me what it’s worth to you, based on your ability to pay. If you don’t like the photo and you never look at it again, then don’t pay me for it – I can take a hint about the quality of my image. If you are minted and think it’s a fabulous photo for you to admire, then please shower me with coins. If you’re financially struggling but know you want to use the image, then give me what you can, and remember me in future.
As the UK Meet team are already at maximum capacity, please contact me directly if you wish to be photographed at
Thanks, and see you in September!