Meet a spotlight delegate – Louise Lyons

Hi everyone,

I’m picking up the pace of blogging here as I’ve realised there are precious few weeks between now and UK Meet in Bristol and I’ve still *quite* a pile of pieces to blog!

Without further messing about, it’s time to meet another of our spotlight delegates.

Louise Lyons

1) If I wrote a biography it would be called Carpe Diem. This is a motto I try to live by and make the most of every moment. I even have the words tattooed on my back.

2) My writing journey so far has been very exciting. It started when I was about 8 years old with stories about ponies. I started writing MM romance in my late teens based on my favourite rock stars, then found Fanfiction in my 20s. It was only as a result of my Fanfic readers’ encouragement at the end of 2013 that promoted me to try to get published. 2 months later I had my first contract and since August 2014 when my first novel was released, it’s been a whirlwind of writing, editing and promoting. I’m still only on the bottom rungs of the ladder, but am enjoying the climb, which I hope will continue.

3) still being quite new to this, the UK Meet is the only conference I’ve been to, my first one being Bristol 2014. I hope to meet more of the authors I admire, catch up with friends I met last year, and if I’m lucky, meet a few of my own readers! I learned a lot from other writers at the last Meet and since.