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And now it’s time for Tigg / Sandra Lindsey to introduce herself.

If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why?
I already wrote it. It was called “My Autobiography” and was written in 1992. Unpublished, and jolly well going to remain so (if I haven’t already burned it) given it was written when I was 12!
Before you think I’m all self-important: it was an assignment for English class, and thoroughly put me off writing such a thing ever again. In fact, English lessons at the high school I went to rather put me off writing for several years, and very nearly put me off reading too due to some teachers’ snobbery about genre fiction…

What has your writing/ blogging journey been like from the start until now?
Ignoring everything before my 20’s, my journey really started when I fell into fandom just over ten years ago. So far it has been… slow. Mostly due to the rest of my life getting in the way – changes in career, moving across the country (even if that country is as small as the UK), acquiring a garden, chickens, cat, and learning to look after all of them… All good grist to the writing mill and at least I’m rarely stuck for ideas!
My m/m short story Shelter From Storms was published in the 2012 UK Meet anthology, and at some point my list of published works will be a little longer…

What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences?
My main experience of conferences is of attending UK Meet – from the first meet of a dozen people in Ely library, until 2013 in Manchester. I was unable to attend last year, and really missed catching up with everyone I’ve met in previous years, and just spending a weekend relaxing and chatting about writing, publishing, and queer romance.
I’ll answer your question about the difference between UK Meet and other conferences when I’ve been to a few more others!

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  1. sandralindseywales

    I’ve been to a few other writing conferences now, and they were also full of lovely people so yay for writing conferences! One mainstream publishing one was a bit odd though as everyone seemed so focused on print still with little mention of ebooks!

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