Spotlight delegate – TA Moore

1) If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why?

The title of my autobiography would be Three Weird Links a Month. For years now my friends have restricted the number of links I’m allowed to send them to three (it was originally five, but I lost two after I pushed my luck). I mean, personally I find things like a map of the most syphilitic states in the Union states (1875) or a DIY guide to penis bifurcation fascinating. Other people, though, disagree. They say things like ‘Oh god, my eyes!’ or ‘Oh god! My browser history!’. Last month I used them up on the guy with two penes, the fan interviews for Fifty Shades of Grey in Glamour and Mark Pellegrino singing Sweet Transvestite karaoke at a Supernatural convention.

I’ve also called tattoo parlours to find out how to tattoo a penis, worked in an office over-run by monstrous spider-beetle things, read the weather on radio in a ‘crime influenced way’ at midnight, and as a baby I ate our dog’s knuckle bones. So, weird fits.

2) What has your writing/blogging journey been like from the start until now?

Contrary! I am a literary salmon, always flapping my tail against the tide of expectations and good sense. Give me a prompt and I will find a way to take it a weird direction (frequently? In space!). My first LGBT erotic story was written because someone bet me that I couldn’t make a certain sub-breed of monster sexy (hey, you want to know what monster you can read the story! It was in Blood Fruit).

I mean, seriously, for a writer of romance I’m not even particularly romantic. If you run into me at the Meet, just ask about getting flowers on a first date. I can rant for hours (on that, vaccines, why Constantine (the Movie) sucked, and how we should all welcome Tilda Swinton as our beautiful alien overlord). That’s not entirely true, to be fair. I like love, I like relationships, I like smuttiness. It’s just the ‘Sentimental Crap’ (by the awesomely named DeadEye Dick) that tends to throw me off. Why would I want someone to pick me up in their car? I want to listen to my terrible music and sing along in my tuneless voice! Oh, and before someone says it? No, someone who loved me would not be OK with that. At six I was told to not just mime in choir, but to mime ‘less enthusiastically’.

3) What do you hope to get from UK Meet that’s different from other conferences?

This is going to be my first ever UK Meet, so I have no idea what to expect! I’ll be meeting up with my friends Rhys Ford, Paula Rogers and Andrea Yates. Hopefully I’ll meet loads of other people too! I’m really friendly, but I’ve been told I do have an off-putting ‘resting face’.