Spotlight delegate – Susan Mac Nicol

I have to be honest. When asked this question – ‘If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be and why ‘, my husband of thirty years jumped on the band wagon.
He peered at me from over the top of his glasses and shrugged. “It can have only one title,” he said, half joking and definitely snarky. “It should be called ‘She Does it Her Way-Again’.
(Apologies to Frank Sinatra…)
After I blustered and acted all indignant, and suffered his heavy sighs while he ignored my ire, I realised he was probably right. I do have a reputation for being stubborn to the point of bloody mindedness, independent, driven, focused and a perfectionist. I start out knowing where I want to be and nothing deters me from that path. It can be exhausting for the poor people around me. Think bulldozer and an innocent field of flattened sheep….
My writing journey has enjoyed the same approach. I wanted to write a screen play so that Benedict Cumberbatch would read it, ask to be in it and I’d get to meet him. Honestly, that’s why I started writing. No word of a lie. You can listen to my radio interview where I basically fan girl like crazy with the presenter and admit I’m a dyed in the wool Cumberbitch.
Radio Interview with Tracy Cooper
The screen play turned into a book as it was easier to write that first then adapt it, the book got submitted to a publisher because I could, and the story was accepted- I squealed like a mad cow when I got that email. I’ve not looked back since. I’ve changed genre-from writing M/F to M/M because it’s so much more enjoyable, hot, sexy and fulfilling- but my journey has taken me places I’d never thought I’d get to. I’ve written fourteen books since March 2012, of which 10 are M/M and I only started in that genre in July 2013 when my first M/M was released. I’ve met the most incredible people- fellow authors, bards and druids, pole dancers, radio personalities, porn stars, models and bona fide naked gardeners. I have the picture to prove it  What more could a girl want.
Which brings me to the last bit of this post. The UK Meet event is a unique one and one I was lucky enough to experience last year for the first time. I can truly say I was blown away by the support, friendliness and embrace of everyone in the M/M writing, blogging and reading community. It’s like a family. The one thing I was struck by was that there’s room for everybody. This can be a cut throat business and authors can be prima donnas. UK Meet for me was an eye opener in that everyone seems to want each other succeed and grow the genre rather as whole, instead of building their own little empires and stomping on people as they put the next layer onto the ‘House Of Me.’
And that’s why I’ll be at UK Meet this year. To have fun, get inspiration, party and just enjoy life. I think that’s a good reason to get up in the morning, don’t you?