Shaun Dellenty – Saturday Keynote speaker marries partner Mike Donovan today!

Our fabulous Saturday Keynote speaker, Shaun Dellenty, married his partner Mike Donovan today!

Shaun is an award winning LGBT inclusion advocate. Shaun is the founder of “Inclusion for All” and will be talking at UK Meet on Saturday 3 September encouraging us to, Be kind, be safe, be authentic, be proud, be you. Keep hopeful.

A card from some of their Key Stage 2 pupils wishing them well for their wedding. Image from Shaun’s twitter profile.


Shaun tweeted this on 11 July: I never dreamed I would live in a time when I could marry the man I love, yet alone have our primary aged pupils wish us best for it.

Here’s a picture of the two grooms – again courtesy of Shaun’s Tweets.


And finally, another card Shaun recieved from his Key Stage 2 pupils *melts*


We all wish Shaun and Mike a wonderful gay happy wedding day and a long loving marriage together.

Liam Livings on behalf of UK Meet 🙂 xx




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