Interviews with Liam Klenk Sunday Keynote Speaker

We wanted to let you know that our Sunday keynote speaker, Liam Klenk has some fabulous informative and interesting interviews published which you may like to read before seeing him at UK Meet on Sunday 4 September.

At 1.50pm on Sunday 4 September, Liam will be talking to us about how, ‘So many stories are being told, and like mine aspects of those stories are often traumatising and far from easy. Still, we have this one life we’ve been given, and no matter who we are, for me it is all about being human, kind and compassionate.’

There is an interview with the Mirror, in which Liam talks about how although he was born a girl, he always knew he was meant to be a man.

In another great interview, this time with The Woolf, Liam talks about the process of penning his autobiography, the use of crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and a search for home.

Liam is looking forward to meeting and talking to UK Meet’s delegates where you’ll be able to ask him questions and have the opportunity to buy a copy of his autobiography, Paralian.

What a treat we have in store for you all!

Liam xx