2018 Attendees

UK MEET 2018



Spotlight Author means this attendee has a Spotlight place, and will be available to chat to you / sell books + services / sign books during our Spotlight sessions over the weekend.

Would you like a link and a personal avatar included here? Please contact Clare. Please allow me up to 48 hours to update any details :).

Abby General UK
AE Ryecart Spotlight  Spotlight Author UK
Agnes Merikan General UK
Alex Jane Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Alyson Pearce Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Amy Rae Durreson  Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Anke Gabriel General Germany
Anna Butler Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Anna Martin Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Anna Tiferet Sikorska General UK
Annabelle Jacobs Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Annika General Germany
Ann-Marie O’Callahan General UK
antonella Antonella General  Switzerland  Italy
  Aurora Peppermint General USA
  Belinda McBride Spotlight  Spotlight Author USA
bjwilliams BJ Williams General UK
Blaine D. Arden Spotlight Spotlight Author Netherlands
Brad Tanner Brad Tanner Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Bruin Fisher General UK
  Carra General USA
  Cathy Laird General
*UK Meet Team
  CC General UK
Ceri Sell General UK
Charlie Cochrane Spotlight Spotlight Author
*UK Meet Team
  CF White  Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Chris Ethan Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Chris Quinton General UK
  C J Baty Spotlight Spotlight Author USA
Clare London Spotlight Spotlight Author
*UK Meet Team
  Constanza Wolf General UK
Dan Burgess General
Dani Elle Maas Spotlight Spotlight Author
*LoveBytes Reviews
*Euro Con Team
Danny Bruggemann General Germany
David C Dawson Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
dawnsister Dawn Sister Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Edwige Jenei General UKFrance
Elin Gregory Spotlight Spotlight Author
*UK Meet Team
elisarolle Elisa Rolle Spotlight Spotlight Author Italy
elizabethnorth Elizabeth North CEO/Dreamspinner Press
*Guest Speaker
Emily Corentine General UK
Emma Clifton General UK
Garrett Leigh Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  G B Gordon General UK
George Loveland Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Guiliana General Italy
Gus Li Spotlight Spotlight Author USA
Hanne General Norway
Hans M Hirschi Spotlight Spotlight Author SwedenSwitzerland
  Hélen  General  Norway
Helen J Perry Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Helen Juliet Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Helena Stone Spotlight Spotlight Author Ireland
Imogen Howsen  General UK
Ingrid  General UK
Isobel Starling  Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Jan General UK
Jane Wilkinson General UK
  Jasper General Netherlands
Jay Northcote Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Jay Rookwood General UK
Jess A Jaye General UK
  Jess Faraday  Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
JL Merrow Spotlight Spotlight Author
*UK Meet Team
Joanna Chambers  Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  JoJo General USA
  Josephine Myles Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Karen / Alburquerque General USA
  Karrie George Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Kasia Bacon Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Kat Merikan General UK
Kazzi General UK
KC Wells Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Kellie Dennis Spotlight Spotlight Author
*Books By Design
  Kent Lowe General UK
KJ Charles Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Kristen Slater General UK
  Lane Swift Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
 gallagherwitt L A Witt Spotlight Spotlight Author USA
  Lauren Lewis General UK
Lea Connor General UK
Liam Livings Spotlight Spotlight Author
*UK Meet Team
Lilli General Germany
Lillian Francis Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Lily G Blunt Spotlight Spotlight Author
*Gay Book Promotions
  Lisa M General UK
  Lisa Worrall General UK
  Liz  General UK
  Liz Madrox General UK
  Lloyd A Meeker Spotlight Spotlight Author USA
  LM Somerton Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Lou Watton General UK
  L W Oak Spotlight Spotlight Author Ireland
  Lyn Liles General UK
  Lynn West General
*Representative: Dreamspinner Press
Macky General UK
Mara Ismine General UK
  Madelynne Ellis Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Mandy General Germany
  Mandy Ryder General UK
  Marc Fleischhauer General
*Euro Con Team
*Rainbow Gold Reviews
Marchia General UK
MaryD General UK
  Megan Reddaway Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Meredith Russell General UK
Michael Dawson General UK
 Noemie Tajedler Spotlight Spotlight Author France
  Parker Foye General UK
Paul Wright General USA
paulinepjs Pauline Pyejammies General Wales
Penny Rogers General UK
  Petronella Bond General UK
pointycat General UK
Rachel Maybury Spotlight Spotlight Author
*Signal Boost Promotions
Rachael General UK
Rachel General UK
Rebecca Cohen Spotlight Spotlight Author SwitzerlandUK
RJ Scott Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Robbie Whyte Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
rubymoone Ruby Moone Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Roe Horvat General Sweden
Sue Laybourn Spotlight Spotlight Author
*Author/Freelance Editor
Sam General UK
 SandraLindsey Sandra Lindsey Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Sara Ball General UK
Sarah Slocum General USA
Selina Kray Spotlight Spotlight Author Canada
  Sharon Thomas General Ireland
Shaun Young General Ireland
Steve Fisher General UK
steviecarroll Stevie Carroll Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Sue Brown Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Susan Mac Nicol Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Susan Lee General USA
tamoore T A Moore Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
tabkimpton Tab Kimpton Spotlight Spotlight Author
*Discord Comics
  Tanja General
Temple Dragon Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
  Teya Martin General UK
TJ Masters Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Uli General Germany
victoriamilne Victoria Milne Spotlight Spotlight Author
*Freelance Editor
Violet Joicey-Cowen General UK
  Xanthe Walter Spotlight Spotlight Author UK
Yvonne General Norway