2018 Newsletter updates


Did you miss a Newsletter about this year’s Meet, or can’t find it in your filing? We know the feeling! Here’s a summary of everything posted so far to potential attendees for the event. The most recent mailing is first.


22 March 2018

Please note that the early bird discount finishes on 31st March, so if you want to benefit from that, make sure you’ve paid in full by then before the price goes up.

From the UK Meet team


16 March 2018

It’s been quite a fortnight! If you’ve managed to miss it, our genre has been hit by a number of issues – among them catfishing, identity appropriation, bullying, allegations of inappropriate behaviour – all of which do not sit with the aims of UK Meet. We have therefore decided to introduce an enforceable code of conduct for the event: we have based this on similar codes for conferences, so it conforms to the industry norm.

By attending UK Meet, you agree to abide by this code of conduct, which you can find on our website and also reproduced in full below.

We appreciate that we have introduced this after you booked your place so – in the interests of fair play – we’re offering a cooling off period (ends 12 noon BST 23rd March) in which you can withdraw with dignity and without penalty. For example if you read the policy and feel unable to commit to the standard expected or now feel that your attending the meet is not appropriate, please let us know within the cooling off time and we will refund you completely (less PayPal fees).

The UK Meet Team


13 Feb 2018

We’re delighted to offer you one of our special opportunities for spotlight delegates. (And this is an opportunity and not an obligation!)

We like to feature delegates at our blog over the months coming up to UK Meet, so if you’d like to take part, please mail Liam on liamlivings@gmail.com with the answers to any three of these questions (and don’t forget to include a link to your website or wherever you’d like to point readers towards).

UK Meet began in 2010 with a dozen writers in a library in Ely. How do you think the genre’s changed since then?
What did you enjoy most out of UK Meet 2016?
What are you most looking forward to at UK Meet 2018?
Describe the books you write/books you publish/your cover art in three words.
How did you first discover your genre?
What do you like best about your genre?
What one thing would you change about your genre?
What are your favourite tropes and why?

From the UK Meet team


5 Feb 2018

We’re delighted to give you the heads up about another event in our genre this year.

ELLCon is Europe’s first independent book conference dedicated to the promotion of lesbian fiction. It will promote books of fiction that have lesbian characters in strong, leading, independent roles and its goal is to create a space for readers of lesbian fiction to interact with like-minded authors and publishers. The event will welcome writers, would-be writers and readers from all across Europe and the globe.

ELLCon  is set to take place in Bristol over 23 and 24 Aug 2018. There will be panel discussions, author readings, workshops and much more, including vendor tables where you can buy books, and talk to publishers and authors.

For more information:
Visit the website at: http://ellconmeet.org

From the UK Meet team


26 Jan 2018

The UK Meet team have finished scouring the January sales for our boxful of spot and raffle prizes, so now we can turn our attention to starting up our channels of communication. We’ll be sending out regular mailings to all delegates, becoming more frequent as we near September and both opportunities and deadlines loom.

Don’t forget to book your hotel, whether it’s the Marriott or one of the many local places to stay.

The early bird discount finishes on 31st March, so if you want to benefit from that, make sure you’ve paid in full by then.

What’s next:
Thanks to everyone who’s offered to help. We’ve got a comprehensive list and will be getting in touch over the next few months to organise panels, welcome desk rotas, etc. We’ve learned from past years not to organise this too far in advance!

Some common questions answered:
Non-delegate guests will be able to attend the Rainbow dinner on Saturday evening. There is no dress code for the dinner, apart from wearing what you feel good in.

From the UK Meet team


9 Oct 2017

We’re delighted to announce that priority booking is now open until 12 noon GMT October 16th. Please read the instructions very carefully. You will only be able to access priority booking with a unique access code, one delegate place per code, one code per list subscriber.

To register:
·         Reply to this e-mail and you’ll be sent a code.
·         Then go to the UK Meet website and register as usual HERE, entering your user code in the relevant box.
·         Please then follow all the 3 steps on the page, to pay either the full amount for your place, or the deposit of £30, by clicking on the appropriate PayPal button. You must pay at least the deposit to guarantee the place. Full payment needed by 31st March 2018 for early bird discount, otherwise by 30th June 2018. If full payment is not received by then, your place will be forfeit.
·         We’re collecting lots of information at registration this year, so please make sure you fill in all the relevant bits of the form.
·         If you want to be on a panel or pitch for one, please also complete the “Help out” form.

Once you’ve registered and paid you will have secured your place so you’ll be able to sit back and relax. Don’t panic if your booking confirmation e-mail from us takes a few days to arrive, but if you haven’t heard within 48 hours, please contact us. 


What if I reply but don’t get sent a code?
All things related to UK meet ticket sales are manually processed, so there may be a delay while we deal with every e-mail in chronological order. If you haven’t heard after 24 hours, please forward your original reply to Cochrane.charlie2@googlemail.com and we’ll look into it.

How long do I have to register and pay after getting my code?
You have until 12 noon GMT October 16th.

What happens if I haven’t used my code by the end of the priority period?
It will expire, and you’ll have to go through the open booking process. This will also happen if you haven’t paid at least the deposit by the end of the priority period.

When do you anticipate that tickets will sell out?

We can’t predict whether that will be during the priority period or much later. Whenever it happens we’ll shut bookings and set up a waiting list. This system worked very well in past years and we were able to offer tickets to all people who still wanted them.

What will happen if people try to buck the system by using expired/false codes?

UK Meet peeps are generally good eggs so we expect them to behave themselves. However, we have put a series of safeguards into place to guard against anybody abusing the process, for example by giving their code to somebody else. Any misuse of the system will result in the booking being invalidated.

From the UK Meet team