Charlie Cochrane Interview

What did you enjoy most out of UK Meet 2016?

The ukulele band at the Rainbow dinner. Simply the best entertainment we have ever had (and it takes some going to outdo the ever-fabulous Sing Out Bristol choir).
What are you most looking forward to at UK Meet 2018?

Seeing in the flesh all the people I only get to talk to online the rest of the year. You can’t hug a Facebook conversation.
What one thing would you change about your genre?
Being slightly controversial here, but I’d love it to embrace this:

“I want to explain what I mean by reconciliation, because in popular use what it usually means is everyone agrees with everyone, or everyone pretends they agree with everyone. And both of those are rubbish. Reconciliation means finding ways for people to disagree well. It means finding ways for people who disagree well to go forward together without reducing their beliefs to a lowest common denominator or pretending that their difference does not exist. It’s honest, loving, faithful, committed disagreement.”

(Archbishop of Canterbury, from: Valuing all God’s Children, guidance for Church of England schools on challenging homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.)

Charlie Cochrane

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