RJ Scott Interview

UK Meet began in 2010 with a dozen writers in a library in Ely. How do you think the genre’s changed since then?

Oh wow, was it that long ago. I was supposed to go, but I was ill… still gutted I couldn’t make it then. As to the genre everything has changed. From the amount of authors out there now, to the sales outlets shifting almost daily. We’ve lost, and gained, publishers and authors, and the market has widened but also made it harder to be noticed. 
What are you most looking forward to at UK Meet 2018?
A weekend with friends and colleagues, talking romance, chilling, planning to take over the world – that kind of thing. Maybe there will be wine. LOL. On a serious note, the networking and learning that can happen at UK Meet is phenomenal. The panels are always awesome, and you can learn so much. I love the social side just as much, informal networking is the best kind.
What are your favourite tropes and why?
Someone once said to me that romance itself is a trope – that makes me so confused. LOL. I particularly love enemies to lovers, and ALWAYS with an angry, no holds barred kiss.