UK Meet 2020 Ticketing: Please Read this Very Carefully!

Happy September, everyone.

This post explains everything ticket-wise for UK Meet, including how we’ll be administering the priority booking period in order to ensure that only newsletter subscribers can access this service during that time.

When is the priority booking slot?

From October 7th October 13th 2019 You will only be able to access priority booking with a unique access code.  

How do I get a code?

We’ll send out a ‘Thunderbirds are go’ e-mail to newsletter subscribers on October 7th, time TBC. Reply to that e-mail and you’ll be sent your unique access code.

There is no other way to get a code and there will be only one code per subscriber e-mail address (apart from in exceptional circumstances – see below*). You cannot begin registration without this code.

Please note: Places are limited as in previous years, and Unique Codes will be offered to mailing list RESPONDERS in the first instance. In other words, even if you’re on the mailing list, you MUST RESPOND to our priority booking email ASAP to request a place. You’re not guaranteed a place just by being on the mailing list.

What do I do when I get my code?

Go to the UK Meet website and register, entering your user code in the relevant box. You have up to a week to use your code, so you don’t need to rush. Once you’ve registered and paid you will have secured your place. You MUST pay at least the deposit to guarantee the place (deposit is £50 and non-refundable).

Can I book a place for my friend at the same time?

We’re afraid not. You can only book one place per code, and that place has to be for the person given the code. If you have friends who want to use priority booking, they have from now until October 6th in which to sign up for the newsletter, which they can do by going to our website: and clicking on the sign-up link.

What happens if I haven’t used my code by the end of the priority period?

It will expire, and you’ll have to go through the open booking process. This will also happen if you haven’t paid at least the deposit by the end of the priority period.

When do you anticipate that tickets will sell out?

We can’t predict whether that will be during the priority period or much later. Whenever it happens we’ll shut booking and set up a waiting list. This system worked very well in previous years and we were able to offer tickets to all people who still wanted them even if that was close to the event itself.

When does open access start?

October 13th. In past years there have been no places left by that point and the waiting list has been operational. If there are places this year, we’ll still use an access code system – information will be on the booking page of the website.

What will happen if people try to buck the system?

UK Meet peeps are generally good eggs so we expect them to behave themselves. However, we have put a series of safeguards into place to guard against anybody abusing the process, for example by giving their code to somebody else. Any misuse of the system will result in the booking being invalidated. 

Is there an early bird discount this year?

There sure is. Early Bird discount runs to 29th February 2020 @ £120 (General ticket) / £145 (Spotlight ticket). Tickets must be paid in full by this date to qualify. Then ticket prices go to £140 (G) / £165 (S).

All details about the tickets, what’s included and other terms and conditions are on the website under 2020 Event Details/Ticketing (or simply click here).

What’s the absolute final deadline for payment?

All balances must be paid by 30th June 2020. At that date, if you haven’t paid, your place will be allocated by us to the next person in line.

*Exceptional circumstances:  to be agreed with the Team in advance. Please email Charlie if you think you qualify e.g. you have a dedicated carer. If you’ve already notified us of this we’ll have you on record.

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