Choosing Sponsors

With less than a year to go before we all arrive en fabulous masse in Southampton, we thought you might appreciate some insight into how we pick our sponsors.

The most important thing about the relationship between UK Meet and its sponsors is that it should be beneficial to both parties, as well as to our delegates as a whole.

Our sponsors tend to be from the LGBTQ book world, simply because it’s easiest to see how publishers, bloggers, cover artists etc. in our corner of the fiction market can benefit from the publicity UK Meet sponsorship brings them. Increasingly, we’re counting individual authors among our generous sponsors too.

We have several tiers of sponsorship on offer, and the top two – Gold and Platinum – bring with them the opportunity to have a book/display table throughout the Meet, rather than just during the Book Fair. This increases visibility and allows more time for interacting with interested delegates.

The benefits of sponsorship to UK Meet are obvious: sponsorship money allows us to provide entertainment and other benefits to our delegates that wouldn’t be covered by the ticket price alone.

Do we ever decline sponsorship? Yes. We want the Meet to be a safe space for all our delegates, which means not accepting sponsorship from individuals or organisations whose position in our genre is currently controversial.

In the past we’ve made the decision to politely return money where we felt public association with the sponsor would not be in UK Meet’s best interests at that time.

If you’re interested in sponsoring UK Meet 2020, please get in touch with Jamie Merrow on And thank you for supporting our Meet!

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