Read it, write it, love it…tweet it

What’s so special about 2020 for those of us who love books? It’s the 10th anniversary of the first UK Meet for one thing. My goodness, how we’ve grown and developed from a dozen authors in a room in Ely having a chinwag, to the weekend event we’ll be having in September of this year.

For another thing, it’s the 60th anniversary of the Romantic Novelists Association. A number of UKMeeters are, or have been, RNA members. I bet that when the organisation was first formed in 1960, the membership wouldn’t have expected that romance stories that didn’t feature a man and a woman would one day be welcomed into the fold. Hell, 1960 was the year Penguin was up in court over Lady Chatterley’s Lover – with the famous trial quote, “Is it a book that you would even wish your wife or your servants to read?”

How we’ve moved on. Nowadays the RNA has a newly-founded Rainbow Chapter with the tagline “Love stories are for everyone,” which is open to all with an interest in LGBTQIA+ romantic fiction.

On the 9th February during Romance Reading month the RNA would like to provide an opportunity for readers to share their favourite LGBQTIA+ novels to @RNAtweets using the following hashtags. #DiamondRainbowReads  #RNA60 

The UK Meet team would like to encourage everyone to take part and to spread the word.  Feel free to add #ukmeet to make sure we don’t miss your tweet!

Let’s show how many people read (and write, and love) our genre.


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