UK Meet Introduces – Ally Lester

Please allow us to introduce the next author in our UK Meet Introduces series …

Ally Lester

Ally Lester is mostly writing in the Lost in Time universe at the moment. Queer paranormal murder-mystery-suspense historical romance with a bit of time-travel in there for kicks.

Lost in Time and Shadows on the Border have gay MCs and are set in 1920s London. The Flowers of Time will be released in March and features a lady botanist and a non-binary explorer traveling through the Himalayas in the 1780s.

You can read excerpts of all published books here. If you sign up to the newsletter you get access to a free serial, Inheritance of Shadows, set in rural England in 1919.

Ally lives in Somerset with Mr AL, their kids and Morris the underwear-eating dachshund. She’s middle-aged, non-binary and has too many animals. Pronouns she/they.


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