UK Meet Introduces – LM Somerton

Introducing our next spotlight author, LM Somerton.

Hi, I’m LM (Lu) Somerton. I live in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, cows and sheep.

I started writing to fill time between jobs but have been firmly and unashamedly addicted for the seven years I’ve been published. I love the English weather, especially the rain, and adore thunderstorm and rainbows. I love good food, warm company and a crackling fire. I’m fascinated by the psychology of relationships, especially between men, and my stories often contain some subtle (and some not so subtle) leanings towards BDSM.

I’ve been with Pride Publishing since the start, have over 30 books out in the world and love attending events both in the UK and abroad. I love meeting readers and fellow authors who then become friends, despite being an introvert.

I’m an avid reader as well as an author and still get tongue-tied around my favourites when I get to meet them. I’m looking forward to seeing friends old and new at the 2020 Meet!

Check out all my info here.

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