2022 Author Spotlights

UK Meet introduces….

Where some of our attendees give you advance notice of what to expect – and what to look forward to – at the UK Meet.

Jess Faraday

What a few years it’s been! I’m so glad that, at least for now, we’ll finally be picking up where we left off in 2020. But the less said about 2020 the better.
What does UK Meet mean to me?
Writing can be a lonely profession. Writing during the isolation was loneliness squared for me. In fact, it turned me into a bit of an extravert, and that’s really saying something.
2018 was my first UK Meet, and the best thing about it was meeting so many new people — readers, fellow writers, industry professionals…I felt like I came home with a pocket full of new friends. Some people I’d already worked with virtually, and others were completely new. I even got to rub elbows with a few of my own must-read writers, and that was a blast.
I’m brimming over with excitement at seeing my friends in person again, and I can’t wait to meet even more folk.
See you there!

David C Dawson

I’m looking forward to returning to UK Meet because I miss the hugs so much!
I went to my first UK Meet in 2016, shortly before my first book was published. I was very apprehensive of meeting so many authors and readers when I wasn’t even published yet.
I needn’t have worried. EVERYONE at the UK Meet events is just lovely. Welcoming, friendly, and above all generous.
Generous with their time, with their knowledge and their advice.
Oh yes, and generous with their hugs!
I can’t wait. To borrow your phrase: is it September yet?

Dawn Sister

UK Meet is where I discovered my tribe. I think Jess Faraday already spoke about how isolating writing can be. In 2015 I had only just had my first book published along with three stories in the Goodreads Don’t Read in the Closet event. I was a published author but with no one local I could really connect with. I had plenty of connections online, though, and I wanted to be amongst people who didn’t give me funny looks when I told them what my preferred genre was. UK Meet seemed the ideal opportunity. I was a bit nervous. Having interacted with other authors online they all seemed so much more accomplished than me. I didn’t feel like a proper author. My hubby told me to stop being silly and to go because it sounded like fun. He was right of course. I had enormous fun and here I am ready for another weekend of connecting with my tribe.
For my fourth UK Meet I’m dragging my hubby along, although he’ll be exploring Southampton while we all explore the world of writing. I’ll always remember the conversation I had with him when I arrived in Bristol for my first Meet. I figured he’d be a bit anxious since I was venturing into the unknown. Me: “Hi, I’m here safe. I’ve met everyone.” Hubby: “Oh good. They’re all real then?”

Charlie Cochrane

I thought I’d share what I’m looking forward to with this year’s UK Meet. A bit of extra space in my garage, for a start, from where I have USB sticks, registration desk stuff and raffle prizes stored away.
Also looking forward to that slight feeling of relief when it comes to 2pm on the Friday and everything kicks off, because at that point there’s nothing else we can do in advance. Just a matter of appearing swan-like while paddling madly under the surface.
It’ll be great to see old pals, make new ones and have lots of laughter.

J S Grey

My name is J S Grey and I can’t wait to attend the UKMeet 2022 in Southampton. As a brand new author who has only been doing this self-publishing / Writing thing for a year, I’ve seen in this short time how much of a supportive and inspiring community we operate in. In this past year, I have made friends with brand new authors like myself, who have gone out of their way to support me when I have been feeling low about a ‘less than glowing review’, Invited me into their groups to promote my work, gave me writing and advertising tips that have helped me in my own journey as a writer.
Attending the meet this year is my opportunity to meet some of these people, to learn from them, to grow as a writer and as a reader. It’s an opportunity to say thank you to those, who for them it was just a kind passing word or a sage piece of advice, but for a new author, was monumental in helping them to decide to pursue this crazy dream.
See you all in September!!!

Viva Gold

My first UK Meet was fab. I got meet so many like minded individuals from all over the world with similar interests. It was and is a place to make new connections and strengthen existing ones. What I enjoyed about my last meet will be exactly what I am looking forward to in the next one – the people. So many lovely faces, mostly familiar but also new. It will be a relief to once again be in the company of what feels like one big family who share a love for books about gay romance. I’ve really missed that. And of course, getting to spend time listening to interesting panels and learning more about this wonderful journey of being an MM author. Getting to relax, chat and have a few drinks with friends, will also be brilliant. Cannot wait… lots of love is love to you all, Viva Gold x

Lloyd Meeker

For me, the COVID years have been characterized by banked fires and carefully evaluated social interaction. Some part of my heart/mind pulled back from the world at large to concentrate on my inner life and the life I share with my husband, and it’s given me a different perspective that I doubt I’ll abandon even though it will no doubt evolve. These years have changed me, I hope for the better. The interim since my last UK Meet has also offered me a study in the adventure of being mortal: both Bob and I have encountered life-threatening medical issues, yet are more happy and free than ever before.
So while I’m eager to reconnect with friends and acquaintances at UK Meet this September, my participation is also an act of more meta celebration. I celebrate the craft of storytelling, to which I’m utterly dedicated. I celebrate the rekindling of kindness and kind behavior among friends and strangers alike. I celebrate how mysteriously precious it is to be alive and creating. I celebrate our shared belief that stories presently unwritten WILL be written, and be shared, and matter — that they will catalyze change in ways that slip undetected through the fortifications of hard-heartedness to do their work.
Thanks, and see you soon! Hugs, Lloyd

Elouise East

This is my first time attending the UK Meet – only my second author event ever – and I’m really excited. It will give me the chance to meet in person those like minded people who I’ve only spoken to online. I’m super stoked to be able to meet readers, new and old, and talk about my favourite subjects – writing and reading books! The panels look interesting, and although I’ve been to other conventions before, I’ve never attended a book one, only a book signing. I’m so nervous but also ecstatic to be able to meet everyone. Make sure you come and say hi!

Charlie Novak

UK Meet will be my second ever author event after various world events ground everything to a halt for two years! I’ve only been publishing since July 2019, and haven’t really ventured much outside my house recently but I’m really looking forward to getting to meet everyone in person and talk about all things romance and books. I can’t wait to put faces to names and chat to people I’ve only met through Facebook and Instagram, plus I’m excited to attend loads of panels because they are one of my favourite parts of cons. I will need to make sure I have plenty of space in my car to bring books home though, because I know I’ll come away with stacks and stacks of books from all the other amazing attendees. I may have to buy more bookshelves.