2022 Registration + Payment CLOSED

Remember after Registering, you must pay AT LEAST the Deposit to guarantee your place. We cannot add you to the Attendee List until this has happened.

Pay the balance at any time from this page.

All updates and news are available from our Mailing List and Facebook Group.
We also offer a special Facebook Group where you can chat with other attendees, ask questions, and share experiences. Joining is entirely voluntary, but attendees have found it very useful in past years.

Have queries?
Please read
to the bottom of the page, where there is a list of Registration/Payment FAQs.

It’s a straightforward TWO STEP process to get your ticket.
Please complete BOTH STEPS at the same time!



NOT SURE what type of ticket you want? See the FAQs below.

Please include your CORRECT Paypal email address on the Registration form. Sometimes we have trouble matching payments with registration because of pen names / real names etc. Please help us run the event as smoothly as possible by giving us all the information we need.




Currently the EARLY BIRD discounted prices apply until 28 Feb 2022.
You have the option to pay a non-refundable Deposit OR the amount in full.
The Paypal buttons below have been created to automatically charge the specific price you ask for, so please make sure you’ve read the details about what ticket you want, AND press the right button.

ALL TICKETS MUST BE FULLY PAID UP BY 30 JUNE 2022 or your place will be lost.

DEPOSIT – £50 Guarantees your place is held,
assuming you pay the balance by the final payment deadline.
PLEASE NOTE: the Deposit doesn’t guarantee the full price of your ticket, that depends on when you pay the balance. Read the conditions for the Early Bird discount in the FAQs below.



IMPORTANT NOTE: after you’ve completed Registration and Payment, you will not get a separate confirmation from us of your place. But check back in 24-48 hours to find your name on the Attendees page. That means your ticket is confirmed and we look forward to seeing you at the event!


“I don’t have a Paypal account, how can I pay?”
You can still use the buttons: Paypal will allow you to pay EITHER by account or by credit/debit card. How does this work? See the guide HERE.

“Can I pay you direct without using these buttons?”
If you wish to make a payment directly from your Paypal account, without using these buttons, our Paypal address is ukmeet@yahoo.co.uk.

“Are you looking for volunteers to run panels at the event?”
As in previous years, we actively encourage attendees to organise and present panels over the weekend. All attendees benefit from and enjoy them! and full support from the UK Meet team is always made available. We will contact everyone nearer the time of the event, through the Mailing List, when we have a better idea of how the logistics will work at the venue, and depending on any restrictions in place at the time. If you’re interested in knowing, in general terms, what’s involved and how much or how little you can contribute, please see the Panels page HERE.

“I’d like to offer to Sponsor the UK Meet 2022, what should I do?”
Please contact Jamie who will explain all the various opportunities and costs for you.

“I’ve paid my Deposit but would like to pay the balance ASAP”
You can pay the balance AT ANY TIME. Just click HERE for the appropriate Paypal button.

“How will I know if my payment went through okay?”
You won’t get a separate confirmation of payment from us. Please check your Paypal notification and the balance of your account to ensure the payment has been taken correctly. Within 48 hours you should also see your name included on our Attendees page,

“How do you decide what tickets go on sale and when?”
READ ABOUT How and Why we ticket as we do HERE.
PLEASE NOTE there are special priority arrangements for 2022, because of 2020’s cancellation.

“What sort of ticket do you offer?”
READ ABOUT the types of tickets on offer, and all the payment terms and conditions HERE.

“I booked one kind of ticket, now I’d like to change it”
No problem! Just let Clare know, and we can arrange the appropriate payment.

“I booked and paid my deposit, now I can’t come to the event, can I get a refund?”
The deposit is non-refundable.
If you’ve paid in full, we can refund your payment up until 30 June 2022, less an admin fee.

“Why won’t you refund anything after 30 June 2022?”
At that point, we will have committed our full cost to the hotel.

“Is the Deposit ever refundable?”
The Committee has discretion to refund amounts in cases such as the event having to be cancelled.

“What’s the Early Bird arrangement?”
As in previous years, if you pay your ticket in full before 28 Feb 2022 we can offer a discounted price.
Up to 28 Feb 2022, the rates are General ticket £120 / Spotlight ticket £145.
From 1 March 2022, the rates are General ticket £140 / Spotlight ticket £165.

“When have I got to pay the full balance?”

“Will you remind me when I have to pay the balance?”
There will be general reminders through the Mailing List and on our Facebook Group, but it’s your responsibility to make a note of when you have to pay the balance.

“I’ve got a problem with payment that’s not covered in these FAQs”
If you have any other queries or experience any difficulties with payment, please contact the Treasurer Clare.