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Never been to an event like this before?

Feel free to browse the reports, pictures and programme from previous years, and of course you can also ask questions of the Team. And here’s a brief explanatory post to give you and overall idea of the event.

What to expect … at the UK Meet
this narrative was based on the 2012 Meet, but the structure in following years is similar

On Friday, people arrive throughout the afternoon/evening and find friends or Meet Team contacts to say hello. We will hand out ID cards and a printed programme for you, also a souvenir bag with promotional gifts and goodies, completely free as a welcome to you. We’ll also have a venue arranged for people who want to eat out in a group on their first night, but you’re welcome to make your own arrangements.

During the weekend, there’ll be refreshments all day and a buffet lunch for delegates, and that’s all covered in the price of your ticket(s).

We have two rooms booked on Saturday, one is large and somewhere we can all meet to start and finish each day. It’s usually set up with small table arrangements, where 6 or so people can sit, which makes it much less formal and much more comfortable. Anyone can sit anywhere!

After an informal “welcome” session, the schedule breaks up into hour(ish)-long panels. We run these two at a time, in the two different rooms, so that we can offer the maximum topics for people to discuss and explore. Again, it’s an informal sitting arrangement, and you can sit and listen, or join in the chat, or just soak up the atmosphere. The panels are run by fellow fans and authors, whom you may already have met, so it’s a very friendly approach. You can see the kind of topics we want to cover in the draft programme.

Most important – you can choose to go to everything or nothing :). You can go to any panels you like – though we do ask out of respect for the panelists that you don’t dodge in and out of panels while they’re going on. We leave plenty of time in the schedule for people to take time out for a coffee, or find a quiet corner to catch up with an online friend – or meet someone you’ve always liked or admired, in a comfy atmosphere!

At all times, we’re equally respectful of all attendees. We have provisions for people who don’t want to speak in public, or be photographed and appear on Facebook (though many of us don’t mind after the first couple of hours have gone past and we’ve already made new friends!).

On Saturday evening, you can do your own thing, or join in an organised group meal, somewhere in or near the hotel.

Sunday will be the same format, but in a slightly more relaxed way. The schedule will be more loose, so that people who started a good debate or discussion going on Saturday can have the room and time to follow it up. But there will also be new topics to discuss. We also finish earlier, to allow for people travelling home that day.

Also during the weekend, authors and publishers will have a chance to set out their books for you to buy, or to ask for an autograph for a book you already have. We’re also going to find time for aspiring authors to pitch to publishers who are attending.

If that’s not all enough already! we’ll be running a prize raffle during the weekend, proceeds of which will go to the Albert Kennedy Trust.

I recommend you take a look at the pictures I posted here on the group, which are montages of photos I took at Brighton last year. You can see how the rooms were arranged, how the panels operated, how we were happy to mill around at some times of the day, just chatting and socialising and swapping ideas and opinions. Most of all, I hope you can see how many of us are smiling and having a great time – however shy we thought we were at the beginning of Day#1!

~~~Clare London

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