Decent Fellows Press

Decent Fellows Press is the publishing imprint for the books of M/M Romance author Isobel Starling, writer of contemporary thrillers, comedy, and fantasy.

A few words from Isobel:

My path to becoming a full-time writer was an unexpected one.  I was an artist and designer for twenty years, working in public art, theatre, film, and costume, before a debilitating artist block led to me hiding away for three months with a pile of books.  After working my way through fifty books—primarily fantasy and M/M, I started to write a fantasy M/M novel—not intending to publish it, but just to get the story out of my head.  That was in August 2014.  Four months later, and 120k words into that novel I put the story to rest for a couple of weeks and decided to write an M/M contemporary story and then to self-publish it.  One thing led to another, and I’ve found myself on a merry-go-round with some lovely men having wonderful adventures.

I have a thing for Scotsmen and aristocratic English blonds—for men who love deeply, are real, flawed, have insecurities, secrets, and not your run-of-the-mill sexual appetites!  I write all of these characters with a sprinkling of humour and a dollop of kink.  Sixteen books into my unexpected second career, I am hoping to eventually release my fantasy novel in 2018.

My most popular series is thriller, Shatterproof Bond.  There will be a total of six books in the series, and they are accompanied by audiobooks narrated by Gary Furlong.  I was delighted to discover that Book #1 in the series “As You Wish” is a finalist in the Audiobook Reviewer Awards Romance Category 2018.  Out of the five finalists in Romance it the only M/M title.

I love being a writer, and it’s quite a perk of the job to see my work not only in audiobook format but translated into different languages.  Currently, the first three books of the “Shatterproof Bond” series are available in French, German, and Italian.  My cross-dressing novella “Silken” is published in German and will be out in French and Italian in 2018.  My titles “Fall Together” and “Sweet Thing” are contracted for French and Italian translation, and I am planning a German translation of “Sweet Thing” for 2018 too.

If you’d like to know more, or maybe try a book, please take a look at these links.