Ticket allocation rules

From the UK Meet Team

PLEASE NOTE the 2022 event has operated additional PRIORITY ticketing arrangements, because the previous event was postponed. However, as at 24 Jan 2022, tickets are now available to all. Please navigate to the Registration page where tickets will be available on a first-come basis.

We currently use Priority Codes for booking.
Full information on the ticket buying process will go out around 9 months before the date of the next Meet, and there will be only one ticket per mailing list subscriber.

Please don’t book accommodation or transport until you have secured a ticket.
PLEASE join the mailing list from the link in the sidebar, and you will be informed of the whole schedule, as events occur.
Joining the mailing list does not guarantee or commit you to anything – except to being the first to be informed!


This method has worked extremely well in previous years, as both fair and administratively efficient.
Almost all people who’ve wanted to come have obtained a ticket, either in the first stage of availability, or from the waiting list.

UK Meet ticketing – why we do what we do

For years, at our UK Meet planning meetings, we used to say, “What if we get a feeding frenzy for tickets?” Then we’d laugh in our Brit way and say, “That would be a nice problem to have.” However, in our 2016 planning we realised demand was likely to exceed supply, so we needed a cunning plan that would work for both us and our delegates.

We appreciate how annoying it is to sit trying to buy tickets, madly pressing the ‘refresh’ button and hoping everything isn’t all sold out by the time you get the page to work. We also wanted to a) avoid people bulk buying tickets and b) reward people who’d already expressed an interest in the event. That’s why we came up with the ‘booking codes’ system which we first used in 2016 and which, at least from our end, worked so well.

Briefly, this is how it works:

  • Prospective delegates need to register for our newsletter before the date tickets go on sale (DAY 1).
  • On DAY 1 we’ll send out a “Thunderbirds are go” e-mail. Reply to this e-mail to get a priority booking code, one per subscriber. You won’t get one any other way, at this time.
  • All replies are dealt with in a strictly chronological order, so once you’ve sent a reply you can relax.
  • You will be sent your priority booking code within 72 HOURS. Please allow for the physical time it takes us to manage the attendee list and send you your code. We do not use an automated booking process at this time, because we prefer the personal touch and it allows us better control.
  • You then have a week to use your priority code to book a place. At midnight BST DAY 8 these codes are no longer valid. If you haven’t used it, your code goes back into the pot for the next applicant on the list. If you subsequently decide you DO want to come after all, you will need to join the waiting list in order.
  • If we run out of priority codes before DAY 8, you may not get a priority code EVEN IF you are on the mailing list. It depends on the response from potential attendees. As we say above, we issue codes in strictly chronological order until we reach the event limit. However –
  • We’ll then start a waiting list as in past years, which will be administered on a first come, first served, basis. Nobody gets to jump the waiting list – we’re British and revere queues.
  • From our experience of previous years, almost all the people on the waiting list – at least, those who can hold their travel plans and their nerve until nearer the time! – have got a ticket in the end.
  • PLEASE NOTE: tickets are not transferable. If you do not want or need your priority code or your subsequent ticketed place at the Meet, it will be returned to the Committee and we will issue it to the next applicant on the list.
  • Ticket prices, the types of tickets available, and our refund policy can be seen HERE.