Free Fiction Links



Interested in reading some of our attending authors’ work for free? Here are links to stories they offer readers on their websites. Take a browse through and enjoy existing and new favourites!

Thanks to all the authors for offering us their links. If you’re coming to the current Meet and would like yours included, please email Clare. If you find any errors or missed links, please let Clare know.

And for even more fiction, please feel free to visit all the links on the Attendees page for each year. Most authors will have excerpts available for all their books.



DON’T FORGET the charming FREE anthology from the 2011 UK Meet.
Download it HERE, and I’m pleased to say that many of the authors are repeat visitors to the Meet :).


Aleksandr Voinov
Amy Rae Durreson
Anna Butler
Anna Martinx
Blaine D. Ardenxx
Bruin Fisherx

Charlie Cochrane 
Clare London
Elin Gregory
Jay Northcote
Jessica Freely
Jessie Lansdel
J. L. Merrow
Josephine Myles
J. P. Kenwood
Jules Jones
K. A. Merikan
Lily G. Blunt
Lily Velden | WIPs | If You Love Something | Pancakes and Passion
Lloyd A Meeker
L. M. Somerton
Mara Ismine
Marie Sexton
Melanie Tushmore
M. J. O’Shea
Piper Vaughn
Serena Yates
Sue Brown and here