Our Pandemic History

Our strategy on Covid19 – keep calm, carry on and make the right decision at the right time.

We were far along the path of planning UK Meet 2020 when the pandemic reached the UK in 2019.

2020 would have been a significant year for us – 10 years since the UK Meet started its humble origins in a small room above the library in Ely – and we were looking forward to the celebrations, and meeting so many of our friends and fellow fans again. We had sold all the tickets, had planned panels, and were organising the logistics and entertainment at our chosen hotel in Southampton.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. At the start of 2020 it became obvious that the event was unlikely to go ahead. There were many illnesses, people were in various stages of lockdown and self-isolation, and hospitality venues were cancelling trips and events. We developed our strategy on Covid19, shown below, relied on our Team’s ability to “turn a plan on a sixpence”, and kept our attendees and supporters in constant contact through our Mailing List and Facebook Page.

The hotel allowed us to postpone UK Meet until September 2021. Of course, no one knew what the world would look like then, either. As it was, the pandemic kept its grip on us all, and September 2021 also became untenable.

Luckily, the hotel allowed us to postpone again to 2022. And here we are now.

At all times, our #1 priority has been for the safety and care of our attendees and the Team of organisers. This is a volunteer-run event, started up purely to share our love of the fiction, and committed to giving support and entertainment in a safe and empowering environment. If we can’t organise a meet up in one particular year, we don’t give up, but neither do we bemoan the situation!

We hope that the support and sense of community is always there, in the background and in online relationships.


UPDATE JAN 2021: UK Meet 2021 has been postponed until 2nd-4th September 2022.

UPDATE  6 DEC 2020: The committee is actively reviewing the plans for 2021. Tickets are not yet going on sale until we have a better idea of how/whether the event will be both rewarding and manageable. Please join the Mailing List to receive the latest news, or follow us on Facebook.

UPDATE 9 MAY 2020: the UK Meet 2020 has unfortunately been postponed, due to the uncertainty involved in the covid19 situation. We are all very disappointed, but have rescheduled to Sept 2021, again in Southampton, and will send out more details later this year.

Our strategy on Covid19 – keep calm, carry on and make the right decision at the right time.
Keep calm –
We are keeping up to date with all the information from across the globe. The only thing that we know is that we don’t know what things will be like in a month, let alone six months. It’s possible we may have the decision made for us, but at present we will…
Carry on –
We will act, for the time being, as if we expect UK Meet to proceed. So organising panels, etc will be got on with. However, we won’t do anything that involves further expense to delegates, such as selling tickets for the gala dinner, until nearer the time. The existing booking terms and conditions will apply during this period..
Right decision at the right time –
Because we’ve always been prudent financially we can afford to lose our deposit for the hotel and can reimburse delegates/sponsors all their fees should the event be cancelled. We would in this case still have seeding capital for the next event.  A final decision will be made in June – assuming it’s not been made for us before then. In the event of us cancelling UK Meet, we will then make a further decision on the next step. That next step could be:
* Leaving 2020 as a fallow year and having the next event in 2022
* Organising a (possibly) smaller, different event at a later date
* Any other solution we think fit.

We’ll keep in touch!

Here’s to a weekend full of friendship, fun and plenty of inspiration!

Our watchword at all times is RESPECT.
Please follow it in all your UK Meet dealings.

The UK Meet has the following aims:
With a British flavour, to raise the profile of English language GLBTQ fiction to readers around the world.
To facilitate peer to peer community support between readers, writers and bloggers of English language GLBTQ fiction.
To facilitate publishing of English language GLBTQ fiction around the world.

Our commitment to Data Protection is explained here.