2012 Meeting Reports


Read feedback and reports from the 2012 attendees.
Note: No photos have been included unless the attendees were happy to be shown.

Reports from Elin Gregory, Charlie Cochrane, Mara Ismine, Jenre, Alex Beecroft, Stevie Carroll, Josephine Myles, Tam Ames, Clare London, Lucy Felthouse, Fiona Glass, K.A. Merikan, Melanie Tushmore.

(NOTE: some reports may be friends-locked, according to the author’s personal blog settings)

10 thoughts on “2012 Meeting Reports

  1. And very cute :). If only I had the legs… or Charlie’s, for that matter. It’s a long time since I and a skirt went out together, whatever the length!

  2. Alex’s report is flocked – just saying! 🙂

    I like the pics – look there’s me with JCP, and then there’s me with Jenre, and then there’s me with Elisa Rolle. *buffing nails pompously*

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