2012 Programme


The 2012 Meet has now passed, but here are the details of the programme, for posterity!


Friday 14th September: Overnight delegates arrive, book in. Time to meet, greet, wine, dine and (optional) cabaret.
Saturday 15th September:
Day delegates arrive, overnight delegates take leisurely breakfast.

Timexxxxxxxxxxxx Main Roomxxxxxxxxxx Second Room
09.20am Registration desk opens.xxxxx
10.00am Welcome.Novel ings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10.10am Novel openings – what makes a good start to a story? Share yours!
10.50am Coffee.Novel ings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11.10am Filing off the serial numbers: adapting fanfic. Where do you get your ideas? Where can I get mine?
11.50pm We’ve got the gay: what about the other letters? (LBTQ) Taking the plunge: the new author’s simple guide to getting published.
12.30pm Lunch.Novel openings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1.30pm Online marketing: how can I make it really work without losing the will to live? Tropes: keeping the genre honeymoon fresh.
2.10pm Publishing: the way forward. The two-edged sword: the pitfalls of getting published.
02.50pm Tea.Novel ings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3.10pm The Buffet of Banter – BDSM, Shifters, Whose leg is it anyway?, Beta, Online Interaction and blogging, US settings, self publishing. One-to-Ones for budding authors.
4.10pm Hands across the water – Keynote speaker, Jordan Castillo Price.Novel openingsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4.45pm Charity raffle draw, followed by opportunities to sign books/have books signed!Novel openingsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dinner, banter, fun and (optional) boogie on down.Novel openings

Sunday 16th September: Leisurely breakfast. People who boogied too much apply Ralgex. Delegates depart.

Delegates depart.